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DAR meets

Posted on Wednesday, February 1, 2017 at 12:07 pm

On January 5, the Susanna Randolph Chapter DAR meeting was brought to order by Muriel Beshears at 6 p.m. in the Vandalia Historical Society Building.
All members present recited the opening rituals. Joy Davis presented the President Generals message and Ann Carter gave the National Defense report.  The Constitution minute was presented by Joy Davis. Judy Flowers gave the Indian Minute. The Conservation Minute was given by Brenda Gower. The School Minute presented by Joy Davis. Ruth Miller and Pam Oetting were the Hostesses for the meeting. Paula James, secretary, did roll call with Business of 1917. There was no secretary’s report and Carolyn Ball stated that there was no corresponding secretary’s report.
The treasurer’s report was given by Teresa Wenzel. She reported a beginning balance of $1,961.30 with $0 receipts and disbursements for the past month, which leaves a balance of $1,961.30.  The Saving Accounts total balance was $1,355.83 and there are certificates of deposit totaling $4,500.00. This gives the total assets of $7,817.13 for the chapter. A bill for the micro film that was donated to the Historical Society was presented. A motion was made by Teresa Wenzel and seconded by Ann Carter to pay the bill presented. The motion passed. No report was given by the historians. Registrar Ruth Miller reported that Sheila Ennis is just waiting on the new member paperwork to come back.  Vice-Regent Joy Davis started the discussion on the Chapter 100th Anniversary Celebration.
Committee reports were started with Vicki Wright on the Flag of Valor Quilt to be completed by January 13. It is unsure when it will be presented to the recipient.  Joy Davis stated that the C.A.R. is currently on hold. In unfinished business, Carolyn Ball stated they are still waiting on presenting the plaque for the flag pole. Under new business, Joy Davis started the discussion about electing the Delegates to the Missouri State Conference April 21-23. A motion was made by Joy Davis for the delegates to be Ann Carter, Joy Davis, Muriel Beshears, and Ruth Miller. The motion was seconded by Virginia Howdeshell. The motion passed.   Muriel gave the Chapter Master report.
The next meeting will be February 2. The meeting ended with the closing ritual. Members attending Ann Carter, Elaine Dameron, Judy Flowers, Virginia Howdeshell, Ruth Miller, Pamela Oetting, Teresa Wenzel, Wanda Winders, Paula James, Mandi Bryant, Muriel Beshears, Brenda Gower, Joy Davis, Carolyn Ball, and Vicky Wight. Guest was Sheila Ennis.
The program for the evening was given by Teresa Wenzel on the Union Cemetery in Kansas City, Mo.