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DAR holds monthly meeting

Posted on Wednesday, January 30, 2013 at 10:41 am

The Susanna Randolph Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution held its January meeting on the 3rd at the Vandalia Hotel.  Joy Davis, regent, called the meeting to order. Virginia Howdeshell, chaplain, asked the blessing before the meal.  First order of business was to induct new member Carolyn Peterson and welcome her to the chapter.  Ann Carter read the President General’s message reminding that the master questionnaire must be filled out to report back to the Congress since Daughters of American Revolution established by an act of Congress.  Muriel Beshears presented the National Defense News, the Constitution Minute was read by Howdeshell, Judy Flowers delivered the American Indian Minute, and Wanda Winders offered a Conservation Minute.

Mandi Bryant, recording secretary, gave the secretary’s report and took roll call which was “ State a Missouri History Fact,” Corresponding Secretary, Cindy Perch, passed a card for Pam Oettings and reminded to have your email updated. Teresa Wenzel gave the treasurer report.  Dorothy Black historian brought the scrapbook from September to present for everyone to look through.  Ruth Miller, Registrar announced that Peterson was member number 48, that Brenda Gowers had signed papers to be sent in, Holly Jungers papers are awaiting approval, and Sara Miller sent in signed papers after Christmas.

Howdeshell stated that she was sending in information about the Constitution week activities The American History Essays have been received 31 from high school and 76 essays from grades fifth through eighth.  Good citizens, Paige Harris at Community RIV and Ethan Gooch at VanFar, and essay contest winners were going to be rewarded in February at the George Washington tea on February 24th at St. Pat’s Hall.  Black took 2 large trash bags of Christmas cards to the VA home in Mexico; Bryant reported that over $130,000 worth of expired coupons had been sent to overseas military for Project Patriot.

Davis stated that the Master Questionnaire is going out to headquarters.  A committee was assigned for the George Washington Birthday Celebration Tea plans.

Ann Carter made the motion we start a Good Citizenship Award starting in spring of 2013 to be awarded at the end of sixth grade. Ruth Miller Seconded the motion, the chapter voted and it passed unanimously.  Regent Davis is still investigating the award for the community service and on giving the award to a group instead of an individual.

Howdeshell made the motion that Regent Davis and Vice Regent Carter go as delegates for state congress with alternatives being Miller, Pirch, Wenzel and Beshears. Beshears second the motion.

The chapter voted and it passed unanimously.  Regent Davis reported that Susan Russ would need pictures of the chapter to represent the chapter for the state conference before January 31.

Ann Carter, gave the program, “The Flag over Missouri.”

The meeting was adjourned with the Daughters Pledge, the Preamble of the US Constitution, and pledge of Allegiance to the State of Missouri.

Those in attendance were: Muriel Beashers, Dorothy Black, Anne Bryant, Mandi Bryant, Ann Carter, Joy Davis, Judy Flowers, Viginia Howdeshell,  Ruth Miller, Cindy Pirch, Teresa Wenzel, Carolyn Peterson, Brenda Gower and Wanda Winders.