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DAR holds monthly meeting

Posted on Wednesday, October 9, 2013 at 4:04 pm

DARThe Susanna Randolph Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution held its October 3 meeting at the Vandalia Hotel.
Joy Davis, Regent, called the meeting to order. Virginia Howdeshell, Chaplain, asked the blessing before the meal. The meeting began with the opening ritual with Carolyn Peterson leading the National Anthem.
Ann Carter read the President General’s message, Muriel Beshears presented the National Defense News, the Constitution Minute was read by Virginia Howdeshell, Barbara Elzea delivered the American Indian Minute, and Pam Oetting offered a Conservation Minute.
Officer Reports, Mandi Bryant, Recording Secretary, gave the secretary’s report and took roll call which was “A Vietnam Memory or fact.” Minutes were corrected, that Celebrate America hours are to be counted from January 1 to December 31, 2013 and to start again on January 1 each year.
Teresa Wenzel, gave the treasurer report. Ruth Miller, Registrar announced that Crystal McCurdy application to join had been verified and she is not awaiting a national number, plans for induction will be set for November meeting. Vice Regent, Ann Carter, reminded the committee for Friends and Family night of everyone’s duties.
In Committee reports: Wenzel reported she still had a few who had to pay their yearly dues before October 31. Bryant, collected more coupons for the project patriot. Davis announced that there had been a challenge set forth for all Missouri Chapters to donate towards Project Patriot, also there are thank you cards to be printed out on the NSSDAR website to hand out to all veterans.
Davis collected the Celebrate America sheets that were brought and reminded everyone that if every daughter would volunteer 10 hours in a year, NSDAR would be over 1 million hours. Virginia Howdeshell stated she had set up a window display with the Documents of Freedom over the Constitution week.
Unfinished Business, Davis communicated that she sees no guidelines on only sponsoring one group for the grant. So plans will continue with both Concerned Citizens of Lincoln School and Historical Society Genealogical Library.
New Business, Prairie Day was a success despite the rain as there were several prospective members for DAR and CAR. Carter updated the group on the Northeast District meeting, it was well attended and all 12 chapters were represented with a wealth of information shared.
Friends and Family night is planned for the November meeting and Howdeshell is planning on doing a full turkey dinner. Davis has invitations to hand out and requested that RSVP’s were turned in early.
Celebrate America sheets were handed out for the following month, with reminders to document all the volunteer hours. Miller made a motion that we go ahead and send out of the treasury for the Project Patriot Challenge. Muriel Beashers seconded the motion, that passed unanimously. Wenzel made motion that we change our fiscal year in correlation with the IRS year to be on the same calendar. Carter second the motion and it passed unanimously.
Davis reminded everyone that Holly Jungers is in the hospital and to send her a card and be praying for her.
Miller, gave the program, Memories of Vietnam. The meeting was adjourned with the Daughters Pledge, the Preamble to the US Constitution, and Pledge of Allegiance to the State of Missouri. Those in attendance were Muriel Beashers, Dorothy Black, Mandi Bryant, Ann Carter, Joy Davis, Barbara Elzea, Brenda Gower, Virginia Howdeshell, Maxine Jackson, Ruth Miller, Teresa Wenzel, Pam Oetting, Carolyn Peterson, Joy Brummitt, and Glee Brummitt Hanson.