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DAR holds busy meeting

Posted on Wednesday, April 10, 2013 at 6:58 am

Susanna Randolph held their regular meeting on Thursday evening, April 5, 2013 at the Vandalia Hotel. Following a light supper served by Virginia Howdeshell.  The meeting began with the opening ritual, followed by the President General’s message was given by Ann Carter and
Muriel Beshears read the National Defense News. Howdeshell read a Constitution Minute. Judy Flowers provided an American Indian Minute and a Conservation minute was given by Holly Jungers.
Officer reports: Recording secretary read the minutes from March, and the corrections were made that Charlene Teague was guest at the March meeting, along with the correction of $64 were sent to the Roslyn Heights window maintenance and repair fund. Roll call, “Washington DC, history fact,” was answered by Muriel Beshears, Dorothy Black, Anne Bryant, Mandi Bryant, Ann Carter, Joy Davis, Barbara Elzea, Judy Flowers, Linda Sue Galloway, Brenda Gower, Virginia Howdeshell, Maxine Jackson, Holly Jungers, Ruth Miller, Cindy Pirch, Teresa Wenzel members. Cindy Pirch, corresponding secretary read a thank you letter from Jayson Orr and informed everyone that the birthday cards for Tammassee Boarding school had been sent out for the month. Teresa Wenzel, Treasurer gave the financial report.  Dorothy Black, historian brought the scrap book and let everyone look through the updates since the George Washington Tea.  Ruth Miller, registrar, reported that Brenda Gowers had been approved according to on-line resources and she would be assigned a national DAR number at the April 12th meeting.
Committee reports: Ann Carter, vice- regent reminded everyone that our May 9th meeting will be a “road trip” meeting to Warm Springs Ranch and then Vintage Hill Nursery prior to arriving at Roslyn Heights.  If you plan on gong to all the event you need to meet in the parking lot across from the hotel at noon on the day of, if you just plan on joining us for super and the meeting meet at the Van-far parking lot at 3:30.  Carter took a head count of whom was planning on going to make the reservations.
Unfinished business: Regent Joy Davis made sure everyone who was going to the conference was registered.
New Business: Wenzel, treasurer, proposed to the group that the CD’s with the group now holds are up for maturity and asked the group what it to be done with them. Linda Sue Galloway made motion to let them rollover, Virginia Howdeshell second, and all voted unanimously. Wenzel then asked the chapter the wishes for the monies that have been placed in the bus. The group decided to hold to their original intent of sending half o Kate Duncan Smith school and the other half to Groves Cottage Boarding Scholarship. Joy Davis, reminded everyone that the end of the year awards are coming up for the schools and if anyone could be present during the awards given from the group that would be appreciated.
The memorial scholarship receipents are being looked at, but have not been chosen as of the meeting. The group is proud to announce that for the first time they will be giving out a medal in the elementary grades for Good Citizenship at the end of the year. Ann Carter was presented with a certificate for 30 years of membership with the Daughters of American Revolution.
Amanda Woolfolk (not present) also had a certificate for 10 years of membership.
The meeting was adjourned with the closing ritual. Carter introduced Cindy Pirch and the program on The 40 Boundary Stones of Washington DC.