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Dameron gives demonstration at Fair

Posted on Wednesday, August 20, 2014 at 12:49 pm

Vandalia’s Paige Dameron gives a “Pulled Pork in a Crock Pot” demonstration at the Missouri State Fair.

Vandalia’s Paige Dameron gives a “Pulled Pork in a Crock Pot” demonstration at the Missouri State Fair.

Paige Dameron, of Vandalia, demonstrated “Pulled Pork in a Crock Pot” in the 4-H Building at the Missouri State Fair. She placed third in her age group.
Dameron was one of 300 youth selected to give a demonstration  at the Missouri State Fair.
These demonstrations are a popular and free attraction at the fair. Simply put, a demonstration teaches others the steps needed to do something. If you have shown someone how to tie a shoe lace, turn on a computer, or given directions to a lost traveler, you have given a demonstration.  In 4-H, young people learn a structured way to present demonstrations. Learning how to present a demonstration teaches skills beyond the subject they are demonstrating. They also learn about organization, decision-making, problem solving, and public speaking. 4-H members compete at county events for the privilege of presenting a demonstration at the State Fair. Visitors are encouraged to ask ques-tions during the demonstrations.
Paige is the daughter of Tony and Shera Dameron, of Vandalia.
Several more area residents shined at the Missouri State Fair this past week as contests wrapped up. Local winners include:
Logan Wilson, Vandalia: 2nd- Duroc Boar, Duroc Boar Division; 2nd Spot Boar Division; 1st Spot Gilt Division; Fifth- Spot Gilt, 401X-Crossbred Gilt; 1st Gold Ribbon Spot-On-Foot Barrows, 4-H Spots
Renee Nelson, Vandalia: Champion-Reserve Champion Lean Retail Division-Crossbred Market Steer; 4th Crossbred Market Steer, Carcass Lean-Retail Division; 1st-Crossbred Market Steer-Market Steers, Lean Retail Division; 1st-Crossbred Market Steer-1C Market Steers-Lean Retail Division
Stephan Schafer, Martinsburg: 1st-Crossbred Gilt; 1st-Yorkshire Gilt; 1st-Spot Barrow-Swine Open on-Foot Barrow Show/Spot on-Foot Barrow; 1st-Gold Ribbon 4-H Duroc Hampshire 4-H Gilt
Pacey Cope, Martinsburg: 1st-Gold Ribbon Hampshire Breed
Hunter A Houghton, Martinsburg-Champion Standard Chinchilla in Rabbits/Youth Rabbits/Best of Breed; Champion Florida White; Best Opposite Sex, Florida White, Champion, Florida White; 2nd Florida White; Chinchilla Standard; 1st Standard Chinchilla, Florida White; 1st- Florida White, 1st-Florida White; 1st 4-H Rabbits-Florida White Senior; 1st Gold Ribbon Florida White Junior Buck; 1st Gold Ribbon-Jr Buck; 1st Gold Ribbon-Jr. Buck; 1st Gold Ribbon-Jr Doe; 1st Gold Ribbon Jr White Junior Buck; 2nd Silver Ribbon-Jr Doe
Donnie Schwartz, Martinsburg: 4500 Antique Tractor Pull 1st – 43IH M 4500# Antique Tractor Pull; 500# Antique Tractor Pull
Edward Babb, Farber: 11,500# repowered Farm Class tractor Pull; 5th-73 IH 1466; 12,500 # Repowered Farm Class Tractor Pull; 2nd-73 1H 1466
Paul Sprock, Laddonia: 3rd-6200 LB NA 2WD Truck; 3rd-Sprock Farms; 5th T Time; 27D – 9,500 LB Limited Pro Stock
Randall Stuckenschneider, Martinsburg: 3rd- Aces, Eights, and IH’s
Katy Horner, Curryville: 1st Ranch Riding, 13 and 14-Dark Blue Rosette, Small Plaque-Lil Fickle Fancy
Sasqua Meyer, Meyer Cattle, Curryville: Beef Cattle Angus Show-4 Female, 3rd-5 Females; 3rd- Meyer Elite 1406; 22 Bulls; 1st-Meyer Upshot 1412; Junior Bull Calf Champion-Purple Rosette-Meyer Upshot 1412
Paige Dameron, Vandalia: 5th-Duroc Gilt Swine Open Breed Classes; 301H Hampshire; 5th Hampshire Gilt; 5th-Duroc Gilt; 1st-Gold Ribbon-Duroc 4-H Gilt; 1st Gold Ribbon 4-H Duroc; 1st Gold Ribbon Hampshire 4-H Gilt; 1st-Hampshire; 2nd Silver Ribbon Crossbred on-Foot 4-H Barrows; 1st Gold Ribbon 4-H Crossbred; 1st Gold Ribbon 4-H Crossbred