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Dairy Queen-Miracle Treat Day

Posted on Wednesday, July 26, 2017 at 11:52 am

Vandalia is a small town with a big heart, especially for kids. Miracle Treat Day is a prime example of Vandalia’s small town big heart.
Vandalia’s Dairy Queen raised over $5,000 in 2016, pretty awesome amount for a small town! The local business is one of the top Children’s Miracle Network donators in a district that includes Mexico, Columbia (two stores), Jefferson City, Fayette, and Fulton.
Everything donated at Vandalia’s Dairy Queen is sent directly to support the local CMN Hospital, which is MU Children’s Hospital in Columbia, Mo.
Every penny, there is no middle man and the money raised, does not pay anyone’s salary. Raising money for Miracle Treat Day is personal for those at Vandalia’s DQ as it has had a lot of local children that have been treated at CMN Hospitals, including the owner’s grandson Alec. Vandalia’s DQ is proud to be a part of the effort to help save and improve the quality of lives of all kids being treated at CMN Hospitals.
Every minute, 62 children enter a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital for treatment. One in 10 children in North America is treated at CMN Hospitals each year.
Since 1984, DQ and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals have partnered together to provide life-saving treatments to kids from across the United States and Canada. Since that time, more than $125 million has been raised to fund critical treatments and healthcare services, pediatric medical equipment, and charitable care.
Miracle Treat Day brings awareness and raises funds for CMN Hospitals in local communities. Thanks to local DQ stores and DQ fans, over $4 million was donated to CMN hospitals across the U.S. and Canada in 2016 alone. This money is raised by local communities through fundraising efforts including Miracle Treat Day, the Miracle Balloon Campaign. and other local initiatives. In Vandalia, the location also raises money with the Blizzard Drop at the front counter and the change box by the drive thru.
How can locals be a part of making Miracles happen? First, every time you go to DQ, purchase a Miracle Treat Day Balloon. Remember, you can buy as many balloons as you are able too. There are a lot of kids that need special medical help. If helping our kids isn’t enough reason to buy a balloon, remember you get coupons that are good at any DQ until the end of the year. DQ will be selling balloons until the end of July. Second, our big day will be Thursday, July, 27 otherwise known as Miracle Treat Day. For every Blizzard® Treat sold on Miracle Treat Day at the Vandalia DQ Grill & Chill, the proceeds (blizzard cost minus cost of goods) will be donated directly to the University of Missouri Women’s and Children’s Hospital.
The last two ways can be done throughout the year-Drop your change in the box by the drive thru and play the Blizzard drop, monies from both contribute to our CMN donation.
T.J. the Tiger, the mascot for University of Missouri Women’s and Children’s Hospital, will be making appearances several times throughout Miracle Treat Day, on July 27.
He will be there at 9-10 a.m., 12-1 p.m., 2-3 p.m. and 5-6 p.m. to visit with the kids. Also to celebrate the day, there will be an ambulance, fire truck, law enforcement vehicles, and possibly some “surprise” vehicles for show and tell between 2-3 pm. These vehicles will be in the yard behind DQ. This is a great time to bring your children to DQ for a Blizzard® Treat.
If you would like to enjoy your blizzard on another day we will have coupons available to purchase so that the proceeds will still go towards Miracle Treat Day. Local businesses will also have the option of having their Blizzard® Treats delivered to them.
For more information about Miracle Treat Day, visit and connect on Twitter using #MiracleTreatDay.
Take this opportunity to enjoy a sweet treat for a “sweet” cause on Thursday, July 27 at Vandalia DQ Grill & Chill. Let’s show how Vandalia really is the small town with a BIG heart & help DQ give a “sweet donation” to the University of Missouri Women’s and Children’s Hospital.