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Crafts to open “Discount Deals” in Laddonia

Posted on Tuesday, July 21, 2015 at 5:55 pm

NEWS---DISCOUNT-DEALS-LOGOFor a couple of months, Laddonia area residents have wondered if any business will ever again return to the just off Highway 54 location where Goodwin’s Groceries served the community for so many years.
Fortunately, owner operators Shawn and Sandy Craft saw a vision for the property and will be soon opening “Discount Deals.”
“We’re pretty excited about it,” Shawn Craft said. “The city workers have been real positive and helpful with it.”
“I think the town is looking forward to have a business come in,” Sandy Craft added.
“Discount Deals” will feature a floor space filled with several pallets offering a large variety of products. Products will also align the walls. The Crafts expect the location to feature about 50 pallets of items at one time.
These pallets typically include items originally sent to the wrong store but were destined for major businesses like Home Depot, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Belk’s, Bass Pro Shop, Menards, and others.
Instead of shipping the items back to warehouse or redirecting the pallets to the correct locations, the pallets are sometimes sold due to it be-ing cheaper to take a loss than to re-ship the items.
This means “Discount Deals” could have pallets full of house goods, fishing poles and supplies, toaster ovens, cell phone supplies, tents, automotive items, shampoo/conditioner, electronics (DVD players, Blu-ray DVDs) furniture, and so much more.
Currently, “Discount Deals” will not be selling food, guns, or alcohol.
The goal would then be to rotate the stock every couple of months with new pallets.
“There are stores like this in North Carolina and it will be nice to have one here,” Shawn Craft said. “There are no stores like this in Missouri that we know of. We’re excited to bring it here.”
No returns will be accepted though the Crafts said everything is 100% tested before it leaves the store.
The Crafts also said their store is the perfect place to buy from for those who like selling their own goods on Ebay.
“It’s a perfect opportunity for Ebayers to go buy stuff and turn it around for themselves,” Shawn Craft added.
This will be the second business run by the Crafts in Laddonia as they have operated Gracie’s Antiques there for the last five years. They also said that Gracie’s will remain open and isn’t going anywhere.
“We’re just common people trying to make a living and trying to make our community better,” Shawn Craft said. “…This is definitely a change from Gracie’s, from selling old stuff to new stuff.”
“Discount Deals,” located at 106 Chestnut in Laddonia, will be opened seven days a week from 9 a.m.-7 p.m.
For more information, call 573-473-6120.