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County Market Update

Posted on Thursday, April 25, 2013 at 10:43 am

The location in Vandalia.

The transition for Vandalia’s local grocery store from Hickman’s IGA to County Market has  been a success, less than one month into the ownership change, this according to Director of Consumer Affairs Gerry Kettler. Many of the now former Hickman’s IGA employees were hired by Niemann Foods, Inc. in time for the transition, a banner was later replaced by new signage on the front facade, and County Market’s signature products are now available to its customers.
“It’s all going well for us,” Kettler said. “It’s been a great process. The Hickmans have been great people to work with.”
Kettler added that the local customer base will enjoy the low prices and variety of offerings now available to them through County Market.
“They’re going to like the pricing we have and the new products,” Kettler added. “I just want to encourage everybody to go in and see the changes and let us know how they feel things are going.”
Upcoming planned changes include greatly expanding the deli and bakery sections.