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Countryside Manor News

Posted on Wednesday, June 12, 2013 at 7:12 am

On Monday, June 3 the Ladies started out their week with a coloring activity. They got out all of the coloring books and created beautiful pictures of all sorts of things. They colored princesses, dogs, and even sunshine, in hopes that it would stay outside.
On Tuesday, June 4 Countryside Manor had a visitor, one of our favorites. She was a four-legged friend that came to visit the ladies, her name was Zoey. Zoey is a trick dog. She performed lots of tricks for the ladies, she can sit, come, jump in and out of a box, and she even let all of the ladies scratch her belly. That’s one of her favorite tricks!!!
On Wednesday, June 5 the ladies enjoyed a popsicle social on the porch. Everyone got to choose their favorite color popsicle and go out on the porch in the beautiful weather and eat them all together, while telling stories of when they used to eat popsicles back in “the good ole days” as most of them call it.
On Thursday, June 6 we had another visit from B. Menshouse, she did Bible study with some of the residents and they always enjoy visiting with her. The ladies also got to enjoy a few rounds of bowling right here in the comfort of their own living room. They sure do enjoy this too!!
On Friday, June 7 brought one of the ladies’ most favorite activities!! BINGO!! They played multiple games of bingo, picking out prizes and helping each other see the numbers that have been called and spotting bingos!! They enjoy playing traditional bingo, blackout bingo, four corners and postage stamp bingo.
On Saturday, June 8 the ladies were pampered. They enjoyed a nail and spa day. From having their hands soaked in warm water, lotion applied, and their nails painted the prettiest colors ever, to just plain enjoying the weather. The ladies had a really wonderful Saturday.
On Sunday, June 9 brought a day of relaxation to the ladies. They enjoyed listening to music after eating their wonderful breakfast. Then they watched their favorite shows on TV. Some of them attended church services throughout the community, as well as an in-home service provided by Doug Storts. Thanks everyone who visited us this week!!! We hope to see you again soon!!