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Corrado’s grandson shines in Hollywood

Posted on Sunday, December 11, 2011 at 11:41 pm

Homer Remington Hume enjoys the monitors on a studio set.

For the past few years, Donna Corrado’s twin daughters Melissa and Meredith have enjoyed working on projects for many famous celebrities in both television and Hollywood industries.

The proud mother, whose from Vandalia and is the daughter of the late Don Glasford, can now add her grandson Homer Remington Hume to her daughters’ celebrity lists after the infant made his acting debut in “Holiday Engagement,” a Hallmark Channel Original Movie that premiered on Sunday, November 27. The movie is a part of the channel’s annual “Countdown To Christmas.”

Homer’s mom Meredith Ann Hume said a friend of hers worked on the movie and said they needed a baby girl. Hume said she had a six month old boy and realized with the right outfit that Homer’s infant looks could pull off the part.

Meredith Ann Hume said it took four days to film scenes using her son in the movie. She added that a Christening scene was filmed but didn’t end up in the final product.

In the movie, Homer plays baby Emma and is mentioned throughout the movie as the daughter of actress Haylie Duff, from “7th Heaven” and sister of Hillary Duff, as well as granddaughter of actress Shelley Long. Long is a two-time Golden Globe winning actress from her days on NBC’s hit sitcom “Cheers.”

Homer also appears at the end of the movie in the wedding as Emma’s little brother laying under an alligator blanket given to the Humes by the Wilbers family.

“It was not a huge role,” said Meredith Ann Hume.

“It’s pretty funny to see that for the most part he’s a pretty calm baby (in the movie.)”

Hume, who has worked on several freelance projects including behind the scenes work for children of celebrities, said it was different to have her own child in a major production.

“It was a very unique experience,” said Meredith Ann Hume, who is currently working on ABC Family Channel commercials. “I have worked with a lot of other babies on set and I’ve helped to direct other babies on set but then as soon as it was my own baby, I didn’t know the script so I wasn’t sure what they wanted…So it was funny to see, especially now because he was dressed as a girl…”

Homer’s father Joshua Holden Hume also works freelance and is currently working with a private production company for a History Channel miniseries in West Virginia.

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