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Community R-VI hosts CMCA REALL simulation

Posted on Wednesday, March 29, 2017 at 1:09 pm

On February 16, the sophomore and junior classes at Community R-VI High School had the chance to live a month or two very different adult lives: One a “reactive life” where poor choices were made like dropping out of school or having a criminal history and a “proactive life” where good choices had been made like completing their education and staying out of trouble.
Central Missouri Community Action (CMCA) partnered with the staff and administration of Community R-VI High School to conduct a REALL (Reality Enrichment and Life Lessions) simulation for the 62 students that were able to attend.
During the simulation, the students were presented with the opportunity to “live” two adult lives (each consisting of four 15-minute weeks). During the first half of the simulation, the students experienced living a life of someone who had made reactive (negative) decisions, starting with the decision to drop out of school. They they faced the potential consequences of such decisions. During the second phase of the experience, the students were presented with the opportunity to live the life of someone who has completed their high school education and made proactive (positive) decisions.
The REALL simulation addresses these issues by helping youth to understand the potential consequences that may face adults for decisions made in their youth. To help make the simulation take place, 21 surrounding area business representatives and citizens volunteered their time along with CMCA staff, to fill the roles of the REALL Community sites that the students would need to visit during the simulations. Resource sites offered to the students in the simulation were a bank, learning center or daycare, Community Action Agency, employment, employment services, interfaith services, police/probation, housing (mortgage/rent), FAST Money (payday loan), Social Services, a superstore (food), and a utility/phone company. If the students were employed, they had to report each “week” to their employer. This was also required by those who were on probation. The “Reallville Community”  resources mentioned above were represented by the following event supporters: Martinsburg Bank, Job Corps, Choices for People, Probation and Parole D-26, Audrain County Sheriff Department, Laura Miller George, Help Center, United Credit Union, MACC/Advance Technology Center, First State Community Bank, Dollar General Store 0010-Mexico, Audrain County Family Services Division, and the Mission Continues. There were also five community members who volunteered their time and talent at the event-Joyce Gastler, Sue Fennewald, Karen Scott, Pam Hollowood, and Linda Gastler. CMCA and Community R-VI would sincerely like to thank those who volunteered their time to make the simulation a success.