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Community R-VI honors students during annual Academics Banquet

Posted on Wednesday, May 22, 2013 at 8:28 am

Several awards were given for the 2012-2013 school year during the Community R-VI Academic Awards Banquet held last week.
Awards presented included:
Academic Letter
Bryan Allen, Brandon Arens, Conner Brooks, Kyle Curtis, Lakin Davenport, Kelsey Hilderman, Trever Hoyt, Samantha Jackson, Treyton Kobush, Luke Robison, Kristen Rutherford, Dana Schulte, Adessa Slavens, Clay Thebeau, Lane Thebeau, Sean Wilson, and Jewelee Winn.
Academic Bar
Alex Becker, Paige Curtis, Justin Durahm, Jacob Eastwood, Lindsey Gastler, Julie Hale, Kaleb Harris, Paige Harris, Ryan Kitchen, Christina McCoskey, Shane Myers, Kaitlin Orr, Rebekah Polacek, Haley Rutherford, and Megan Schmeling.
No Zero Award
Algebra I
Courtney Bertels, Mikyla Clubb, Lakin Davenport, Karissa Graves, Samantha Jackson, and Dana Schulte
Bryan Allen, Conner Brooks, Lexa Cope, Collin Dungan, Rebecca Hagan, Clay Thebeau, and Lane Thebeau
Algebra II
Megan Schmeling and Jewelee Winn
Language I
Collin Dungan and Rebecca Hagan
Language II
Joesie Allen, Conner Brooks, and Lakin Davenport
Biology I
Brandon Arens, Conner Brooks, Doug Davenport, Lakin Davenport, Amber Freeman, Samantha Jackson, Luke Robison, Dana Schulte, Clay Thebeau, and Lane Thebeau
Departmental Awards
Biology I:  Brandon Arens
Biology I:  Lakin Davenport
Biology II:  Julie Hale
Physics First:  Karissa Graves
Physics First:  Lexa Cope
Envirothon:  Paige Curtis
Envirothon:  Paige Harris
Envirothon:  Tyler Mays
Envirothon:  Alex Becker
Envirothon:  Emmalee McCoskey
Envirothon:  Kristen Rutherford
Envirothon:  Christina McCoskey
Envirothon:  Bianca Stafford
Envirothon:  Jewell Winn
Envirothon:  Amelia Knipfel
Algebra I:  Karissa Graves
Algebra I:  Courtney Bertels
Geometry:  Rebecca Hagan
Geometry:  Clay Thebeau
Algebra II:  Megan Schmeling
Pre-Calculus:  Paige Harris
Quiz Bowl Letters:  Victor Cripe, Aaron Johnson, Russell Lovelace
Quiz Bowl Bar:  Curtis Lierheimer, Dalton Oligschlaeger
Quiz Bowl Certificate:  Megan Byrd, Christina McCoskey, Robert Nell, and Sam Polacek
Cadet Teacher:  Nick Jensen
Cadet Teacher:  Kristen Rutherford
Chemistry:  Lindsey Gastler
Chemistry:  Jewelee Winn
Chemistry:  Julie Hale
Artist of the Month:  Russell Lovelace, Megan Schmeling, Terasa Black, Robert Nell, Adessa Slavens, Lance Gibson, Justin Tharp, Becky Polacek, Courtney Wieberg, Crystal Vargas, Becky Polacek
PE Girl:  Paige Harris
PE Boy:  Kaleb Harris
Health:  Kaitlin Orr
Health:  Collin Dungan
Keyboarding:  John Tharp
Business:  Caleb Bertels
Accounting:  Kaitlin Orr
Language I:  Karissa Graves
Language III:  Bianca Stafford
Highest GPA LA I:  Mikyla Clubb
Highest GPA LA I:  Collin Dungan
Highest GPA LA III:  Megan Schmeling
Highest GPA LA III:  Megan Byrd
Most Books Read:  Lindsey Gastler
Most Books Read:  Julie Hale
Trojan Reader:  Nick Hoyt
Trojan Reader:  Bryan Allen
Trojan Reader:  Brandon Arens
Trojan Reader:  Dana Schulte
Trojan Reader:  Crystal Vargas
Trojan Reader:  Robert Nell
Trojan Reader:  Kristen Rutherford
Trojan Reader:  Sean Wilson
Developing Reader Award:  Conner Brooks
Golden Pen Award:   Brandon Arens
Golden Pen Award:  Dalton Oligschlaeger
In It to Win It:  Josie Allen
In It to Win It:  Conner Brooks
In It to Win It:  Lakin Davenport
Noteable Novels Star:  Christina McCoskey
Noteable Novels Star:  Haley Rutherford
Noteable Novels Star:  Whitney Becker
Spanish I:  Courtney Bertels
Spanish I:  Brandon Arens
Spanish II:  Paige Curtis
Spanish II:  Megan Byrd
World History:  Dana Schulte, Brandon Arens
American History:  Courtney Bertels, Gavin Spoor
Government:  Luke Robison
Geography:  Kaitlin Orr
Resolution Glory of Missouri Representative Jay Houghton
Charity:  Terasa Black
Temperance:  Chris Wieberg
Virtue:  Cameron Foreman
Enterprise:  Robert Nell
Truth:  Christina McCoskey
Honor:  Justin Durham
Progress:  Sean Wilson
Education:  Rebekah Polacek
Fraternity:  Julie Hale
Justice:  Paige Curtis
Law:  Ryan Kitchen
Equality:  Tyler Mays
Liberty:  Lance Gibson
Knowledge:  Paige Harris
Sophomore Pilgrimage:  Dana Schulte
Girls State:  Julie Hale and Amelia Knipfel
Boys State:  Shane Myers
Elks Lodge Scholarship:  Paige Harris
Mexico Ledger Citizenship:  Rebekah Polacek
Mexico Ledger Courtesy:  Ryan Kitchen
DAR Good Citizen Award:  Paige Harris
Music Awards:
Dana Schulte-Director’s Award; EMO Conference Band Patch; State Music Festival II Rating Medal; JV Letter 1 Bar; CMU Music Festival II Rating Medal; District Music Festival II Rating Medal
Curtis Lierheimer-EMO Conference Band Patch; State Music Festival II Rating Medal; Varsity Band Letter, 1 Bar; CMU Music Festival II Rating Medal
Christina McCoskey-John Philip Sousa Award; EMO Conference Band Patch
State Music Festival II Rating Medal; CMU Music Festival II Rating Medal; 1 Bar
Lexa Cope-CMU Music Festival II Rating Medal; State Music Festival II Rating Medal
Karissa Graves-CMU Music Festival II Rating Medal; State Music Festival II Rating Medal
Sam Polacek-CMU Music Festival II Rating Medal; State Music Festival II Rating Medal
Anthony Fairchild-CMU Music Festival II Rating Medal; State Music Festival II Rating Medal
Gage Graves-CMU Music Festival II Rating Medal; State Music Festival II Rating Medal
This school year the CTA met and discussed rewarding a teacher that constantly goes above and beyond the call of duty for everyone at Community R-VI. This person has taken on the duties of Professional Development Chairperson and was responsible for planning our monthly professional development meetings.  She is the sponsor of both the junior class and STRIVE as well as helping to implement the Math Problem of the Week in the Middle and High School. She also has taken on numerous hours of continuing education to implement the Physics First Program.  This year’s winner was Melanie Utterback.