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Community event held to benefit Lincoln School in Vandalia

Posted on Wednesday, October 25, 2017 at 11:44 am

Charles Overton won the Chili Cook-off.

More than $645 of $800 needed for kitchen renovations was raised for Lincoln School during a Chili Cook-off and Fashion Show hosted this past Saturday by the Rev. Charlene Wheeler-Williams, DD and Through and Through Ministries, Inc. from St. Louis.
Around five pots of chili were made available in the Chili Cook-off with Vandalia’s Charles Overton chosen as the winner.
There were also pies baked at donated by Inez McPike, Joyce Holman, and Catherine Salmon.
The Rev. Wheeler-Williams, DD showed off a couple of unique outfits as a model in the Fashion Show.
During the event, she told those in attendance that “fashion is you.”
“Dress yourself up daily that when you come out of the door everybody says how are you doing and how are you,” she said.
“Vandalia may be a city of small numbers but great quality, great substance. Everybody wants to know somebody but make sure the somebody they know has a gleam and a light that so shines that others may see His glory because of the goodness of what you spread to one another and not to each other that’s negative and of a bad report…”
She noted the importance of everyone to get “their house in order.”
“We’ve got to clean up the inside to look good on the outside,” she noted.
She also said that she will never forget what so many people have done for her in Vandalia.
She thanked those who attended the event.