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Classmate gets delay for Marine Corps discharge

Posted on Wednesday, March 16, 2016 at 10:10 am

635845844283461406-MAR-Insider-Attack-BrezlerThrough the efforts of Rep. Duncan Hunter (R), a veteran Marine officer, a delay has been agreed on by the Marine Corps in the discharge of Reserve Officer Major Jason Brezler.
The delay is for eight months while a lawsuit challenging a previous discharge decision makes its way through federal court. Major Brezler’s attorney, Michael Bowe, reported this to the Marine Corps Times just last week.
This decision comes just three months after he was discharged in a reserve role by Assistant Navy Secretary Juan M. Garcia.
The lawsuit, which is now heading to federal court, was filed by the family of Lance Cpl. Gregory Buckley. The late Marine’s family alleges that the service ignored Major Brezler’s warning about a corrupt police chief that was abusing children and his belief that Sarwar Jan posed a threat to the base.
He sent the email to warn marines who recently arrived at Forward Operating Base Delhi, as he had Jan kicked off the base himself for “unethical behavior” when previously stationed at the same location two years earlier.
Seventeen days after his email warning, Jan’s servant boy killed three Marines, including the late Cpl. Buckley, Cpl. Richard Rivera, and Staff Sgt. Scott Dickinson.
Since sending the information was an act of sending classified material, a board of inquiry recommended a discharge.
It should be noted that Major Brezler reported himself after learning that his email was considered an act of sending classified information.
Rep. Hunter is asking Defense Secretary Carter to release any Naval Criminal Investigative Service (N.C.I.S.) records on whether Jan used U.S. taxpayer money to allegedly solicit and abuse children and if anyone in the U.S. military was aware of Jan’s alleged sexual misconduct with children. It is believed that Jan was abusing children to take actions on his behalf.
According to a Marine Corps Times article, Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work responded  by saying it would be improper for Defense Secretary Carter to comment on the case with the federal lawsuit still pending.
Again, my heart aches for my fellow classmate, Major Brezler, to continue to go through this mess.
My hope and prayer is that his name will eventually be cleared and that he can at least keep his reserved status and perhaps benefits from time served.
I also hope that through this federal investigation by the F.B.I., that officials who are directly trying to take everything away from Major Brezler will receive some sort of discipline for their actions. These officials appear only concerned with covering their own mistakes at the expense of Major Brezler.
At the end of the day, three marines were killed and perhaps they would still be living if officials took seriously Major Brezler’s warning.
You might get tired of me writing about my friend but it’s the least I can do for a man whose only goal was to serve our nation as a marine.
To all U.S. and Missouri legislators that read my editorials, I ask that you do what you can to bring attention to Major Brezler’s case.