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City to change recycling guidelines

Posted on Thursday, January 23, 2020 at 10:36 am

By Clay Coleman

VANDALIA—Vandalia’s Board of Aldermen met last Tuesday to discuss changes with the city’s recycling guidelines, approval of annual utility write-offs, new stop signs, an update on Standard Wellness and 1913 Holdings, and a timeline for the dismantling of the old power plant next to the water tower.
Starting in February, Dayne’s Waste Disposal will no longer accept cardboard, paper, magazines, or any other fiber-based items for recycling pickup. Those items can be discarded in the regular trash. These changes came about because of the City of Columbia Recycling Facility, changing it’s guidelines on items they can accept. Dayne’s will continue to take clean plastic, tin cans, and aluminum cans for recycling. Vandalia currently has 154 residents who recycle.
By a vote of 6-0, the city council approved that delinquent utility bills totaling $8,410, be written-off the accounts receivable balance because of a recommendation by city auditors. This is strictly a “housekeeping” measure designed to clear the books for the new year. The action will not affect the city’s ability to collect, nor it’s intent to collect on its debts. The city will continue to collect from delinquent accounts before turning them over to a collection agency.
Also, by a vote of 6-0, the city council approved new stop signs installed at the junction of West Page Street and North Walnut Street The city will place stop signs on the eastbound and westbound sides of West Page Street.
Standard Wellness and 1913 Holdings, both medical marijuana companies in the process of setting up cultivation sites in Vandalia, have been approved by the state to set up production facilities for infused products. Standard Wellness is currently awaiting approval to build a dispensary at their location. The state will make that decision at the end of January.
Central Metals Recycling out of Mexico will be the contractors for the demolition of the old power plant. Central Metals stated they should have the equipment by the end of January and hope to start dismantling the structure by the beginning of next month.