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City of Vandalia to probe policing Laddonia

Posted on Wednesday, August 22, 2012 at 8:36 am

Vandalia’s Board of Aldermen expressed an interest to pursue finer details on providing the City of Laddonia with police protection.
“A lot of little things happen that wouldn’t happen if we had a policeman visible once in a while,” Laddonia Alderman Larry Kness said.
The Vandalia Board of Aldermen held its regular meeting Tuesday, August 14, at the Lange Building to discuss the possibility of policing Laddonia among other agenda items.
Vandalia Police Chief Tony Laird said officials from the City of Laddonia approached his staff prospecting the possibility for Vandalia to provide police protection for Laddonia.
Chief Laird said that other municipalities throughout Missouri have provided police service to neighboring communities in lack of a force. He said the City of Vandalia would be capable of the task, of which would approach $100,000 for an annual contract.
“(Police) service impacts for both communities could well be positive, and then of course there would be liabilities for both communities,” Laird said.
“Additionally, and perhaps most importantly at this time, there are still some unknowns and a multitude of details that have not been addressed.”
For what is known, Laddonia would have access to patrol, call response, and investigative resources. In terms of a contract, Laddonia would receive a 40-hour block of police service per week.
For Vandalia, providing the extra coverage would strengthen existing police resources by providing  two on-duty officers at all times, three when Laddonia patrols are scheduled. The contract would also increase the amount of sworn officers on the Vandalia squad, which would ultimately give Vandalia more officers to draw from if a situation requires extra help.
Chief Laird said one concern for the City of Vandalia would be cost.
“There should be no net expense to the City of Vandalia,” he said.
Increased cost would be in the realm of additional personnel — the hiring of part-time and full-time personnel, and possible rank increases — from Vandalia adding officers to  provide for Laddonia. Other cost would include:
• Outfitting additional officers with uniforms, and equipment
• Operating costs like fuel and car repair, or training
• Administration costs in the form of supervision and increased insurance costs
With additional revenue, “the City of Laddonia would provide payment that would cover all increased cost,” Chief Laird said.


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