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City of Vandalia talks of demolition program

Posted on Wednesday, March 21, 2018 at 10:09 am

The City of Vandalia City Council during their meeting last week.

No decision was made on a new Building Demolotion Program Policy that was discussed during the City of Vandalia’s Board of Aldermen meeting held last Tuesday.
Alderman John Weiser and Alderperson Teresa Wenzel both recommended that there be more discussion before moving forward with the project. Alderman Weiser noted that there was a meeting next week set up to further discuss the demolition program.
Alderperson Debbie Hopke noted that the policy would be better if it were not so wordy. She did note that she felt it was a good program. City Administrator Darren Berry spoke to the group on the possibility of restarting the demolition program. Berry advised a change/addition to the prior policy reference asbestos removal. The new condition states any asbestos found on the structure has been removed and properly disposed of before demolition begins.
The last Building Demolition Program ended on December 31, 2017. If adopted, this policy would be in effect from March 14, 2018-February 28, 2019. The policy stated property owners could request reimbursement for either 33% of the cost of demolition project, or they can request reimbursement for the cost of dumpsters. A maximum of $1,750 will be reimbursed for any demolition project. City Administrator Berry added that the program was designed to request the funds before demolition is started.
The money budgeted for it last time came out of the general fund.
2018 Street Improvement Program
Street Supervisor Dave Hamby spoke to the group and noted a plan to do 70 blocks and possibly more if people, time, equipment, and material are available. Due to the fact that there was no street improvement program last year, Hamby advised the work would be done a block at a time. City Administrator Berry advised there are some scheduled projects involving water lines and the need to dig up street, so those areas will be saved for last.
The plan was apprOved unanimously.
License Office
City Administrator Berry gave the board information/handouts regarding license office transactions in the Vandalia and sounding areas. He advised processing fees were low and the highest profit was when a nearby office was closed for a time.
He added that Vandalia’s ranking was on average the fourth lowest in the state on revenues. City Administrator Berry advised things the Department of Revenue look at are location, revenue, and location of other offices. He also informed the group that the start-up costs had increased and numerous changes reference requirements for office layouts.
In looking at past numbers for Vandalia’s license office, it was noted that it didn’t make a profit.
It was noted that start-up costs would be more than they were when the city opened an license bureau in 2008.
It was noted that an office cannot be done in a main lobby anymore through the Department of Revenue. It was noted that it would need to be done with a separate room.
This would make it challenging for the city to go back to using a similar license bureau layout as it had in the past.
OSP Waterline Replacement, Manhole Lining, and Water Tower
City Administrator Berry advised projects that were funded were a water line from Oak to Page Streets. He advised permits were still needed and it’s in the early stages. He also advised the board he would keep them updated.
MoDOT Shoulder Work
City Administrator Berry advised the group the original dollar amount was pretty high to resurface the shoulders of the streets that are being resurface by MoDOT. One option that could be discussed is to chip seal some the shoulders of the streets being resurface and have MoDOT.take care of the business district shoulders from Highway 54 to Vandalia Post Office.
MoDOT. informed City Administrator Berry that originally they were going to grind down the shoulders on Highway 54, 5”, to make it more cost efficient they could instead only grind down 1 ½”.
MoDOT. is also going to need approximately 22 easements. With these easements they will provide the City with credits to drop the cost of MoDOT. resurfacing the business district.