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City of Vandalia grants lease to Rec. Corporation

Posted on Wednesday, September 25, 2013 at 2:26 pm

The Board of Alderman of the City of Vandalia met on Thursday, September 12 at 5:30 p.m. in regular session.
Drafted minutes from the July 9 and August 13 meetings and Accounts Payable Report for August were reviewed, and Alderman Stallcup moved to approve the reports. Alderman Teresa Wenzel seconded the motion, which carried unanimously.
A Library/YMCA project informational update was on the agenda. Felicity Goodpature-Culwell addressed the group with information regarding the proposed Library/YMCA project.
The council looked at an agenda item, which was to authorize execution of the lease with the Vandalia Recreation Corporation. The item would authorize a lease with the Vandalia Recreation Corporation (VRC) for the block where the library currently exists. The City of Vandalia owns the property, and would lease it to the VRC for the purpose of constructing a Library/YMCA projects.
The lease is necessary to execute at this point and time to allow a grant application to be submitted for Neighborhood Assistance Program grant funds. Property where the building would be constructed would be secured by ownership or lease. The Vandalia Recreation Corporation will be grant applicant and Lessee.
The move to authorize execution of the lease with the Vandalia Recreation Corporation was carried unanimously.
The board reviewed and approved a five year Owner Supervised Plan for the water distribution systems main replacements, which meets the engineering requirements of the Department of Natural Resources.
The plan includes many projects, which will not be done in five years. However, by having this plan, the City ensures that system improvements, which are made, will enhance the overall functioning of the water system. The plan includes specific projects for the next five years, but these will certainly change based on breaks, priority shifts and funding that is available.
The bottom line is that by having this plan, any of these projects could be done in any order without having to spend money or additional engineering. Further, by having this plan, the City knows that these improvements will positively impact the overall water system.
The City has committed to maintaining and expanding water service for its citizens. In recent years, upgrades to the filtration system as its surface water plant were made to keep the city in compliance with Public Drinking Water standards.
Recently improvements were designed to address higher levels of disinfection by-product development, and those improvements were under construction at the time of this report.
Mayor Ramon Barnes’ appointments to the Vandalia Housing Authority Board were approved by the Board of Alderman. Kaye Williams was appointed to the board following the resignations of Cami Blackman and Rita Jennings. Current board members are Brenda Elliott, Robert Dunn, Gwen Rhodes, and Ruth Caldwell.
The Work Release Contract agreement with the Women’s Eastern Reception, Diagnostic and Correctional Center (WERDCC) was extended for another year.
Finance Officer Sharon Myers provided the board a copy of the 2013 Annual Finance Audit Report, and it was approved.
Assistant to the City Administrator, Debbie Hopke, informed the board that every year, the city has an opportunity to submit requests for risk management awards from the city’s liability and property insurance carrier (MIRMA). The program is designed to eliminate or reduce loss exposure. The requests for 2013 are for a taser with taser cam, a police car dash mounted audio/video camera, and an emergency light trailer totaling $6,788.68. The request for approval was granted.
City Administrator Alan Winders address the board regard the change uniform from contract provision to purchase agenda item. Winders told the group that this item would authorize purchase of “uniform” items instead of receiving clothing items through the uniform contract, which has just expired. This is for the Street, Water Plant, and Utility Departments only.
Specifics regarding color, type, etc., have not yet been established. The department heads involved, working with administration, will make those selections after council action. There are 16 employees, which would receive uniform benefits. The change was carried unanimously.
Bill No. 13-1132- An ordinance repealing and replacing section 525.050 to the city code of the City of Vandalia, adopting regulations for sidewalks built on city right-of-ways.
Street Superintendant Dave Hamby told the group that this ordinance would adopt specifications for sidewalks built in vandalia. These specifications include width and ADA requirements for residential and commercial. After discussion, it was decided that minor wording changes will be made to the ordinance and it will be brought back for approval at next meeting.