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City of Vandalia discusses several items

Posted on Wednesday, November 20, 2013 at 1:25 pm

On November 12, The Board of Aldermen of the City of Vandalia met on at 5:30 p.m. in regular session.
Agenda Item No. 5 was to Authorize Execution of Letter of Support for the Vandalia Housing Authority Grant
City Administrator Alan Winders told the group that the Vandalia Housing Authority (VHA) is applying for an Emergency Shelter Grant (ESG).
The VHA intends to use the grant funds, if awarded, to provide security deposits for low-income families, assist with utility payments/deposits, provide gas/bus vouchers and help with funding of the Service Shelter which they plan to establish in a portion of the former bank building at the corner of State and Main.
Allen Chandler from VHA answered questions regarding the grant and VHA plans. Staff recommendation is to authorize the letter of support.
After discussion, Alderman authorized execution of the letter of support for the Vandalia Housing Authority Grant.
Agenda Item No. 5B, Authorize Execution of New Utility Relocation Agreement
According to city minutes, Winders told the group that this item would authorize the execution of a new Utility Relocation Agreement “Off-System Bridge Replacement and Rehabilitation/Surface Transportation Program Utility Agreement – Actual Cost” between the City of Vandalia and Pike County.
This agreement is related to the bridge replacement near the reservoir under which we have a raw water line. Previously, the council had authorized execution of an almost identical agreement which was a lump sum agreement.
This change is from a lump sum to actual cost agreement.
It changes the manner in which Pike County is reimbursed from MoDOT, which is advantageous to Pike County, but does not impact the City of Vandalia.
Staff recommendation was to authorize execution of the agreement.
Agenda Item No. 5C, Approval of 2014 Health Insurance Plan
Assistant to the City Administrator Debbie Hopke recommended that the group approve the renewal of American National (ANLI) as the health insurance carrier for 2014.
The proposed Lifestyle plans would represent an increase in cost between 4-5% to the city and there would be no change in employee benefits. The measure was approved.
Winders then asked the group to consider some options for spreading out the cost of the approximate $13,500 increase in health insurance premiums from last year.
He presented the following five options with detailed amounts:
Option 1 – City pays total increase.
Option 2 – Employees pay total increase.
Option 3 – City pays ½ of the increase, and employees pay ½ of the increase.
Option 4 – No increase to Employee Only level, but apply increase to Employee/Spouse, Employee/Child, and Family levels.
Option 5 – No increase to Employee Only or Employee/Child levels, but apply increase to Employee/Spouse and Family levels.
After discussion, Alderman motioned to go with applying no increase to Employee Only or Employee/Child levels, but applying the increase to Employee/Spouse and Family levels. Alderman Shaw seconded the motion, which carried unanimously.
Agenda Item No. 5D, Water Plant Conversion Change Order No. 4/Completion of Hauser Contract
Chief Water Plant Operator Darren Berry told the group that change order No. 4 would decrease the total contract price by $1,810, the new total being $333,779.48.
The change order includes a change to the pigging work on the transfer line that will decrease the contract by $3,700 and the addition of electrical work on the high service pumps at an additional cost of $1,405 and re-piping the chlorine injector at an additional cost of $485.
This is the final change order and the work under this contract is complete. The final pay requests for Hauser Construction, Inc., including release of retainage, are included in October accounts payable.
Other planned expenses for the Water Plant Conversion Project include some engineering and some building improvements of about $25,000.
Potential future expenses include ammonia treatment if required by DNR and a baffle for basin No. 2 if necessary.
Aldermen moved to approve change order No. 4 and acknowledge completion of the contract with Hauser Construction, Inc.
Agenda Item No. 5E, Consider Alternatives Regarding Brush
Winders discussed alternatives with the group to the elimination of brush grinding, including reducing the budget and changing the service without eliminating it completely. Discussions were held regarding controlling access to a drop-off site, increasing security at the drop-off site, charging residents for the service, curbside pickup, and what to do about extra limbs in the event of a storm.
No motions were made on this subject. Winders told the group that he would talk to Dayne’s Waste Disposal about the possibility of curbside pickup of limbs and the cost of that service. He also will look into tighter ordinances for dumping and better security cameras for the site.
Agenda Item 6A, Accounts Payable Report for October, 2013 was reviewed.
Alderman approved the report.
Agenda Item No. 9, Information Update.
No action was taken on informational items that were presented. Among items presented were: there will be no police contract with Laddonia; the license office will be rebid at 24 hours/week per previous council instruction; and formal goal setting will not be held this year, but goals will be reviewed at the December board meeting.
At 6:36 p.m., Alderman Ron Stallcup moved to adjourn from regular meeting and reconvene in executive session to discuss possible litigation, pursuant to RSMo 610.021(1).
Alderman Teresa Wenzel seconded the motion.
At 6:45 p.m., a motion was made by Alderman Wenzel to adjourn from executive session and reconvene in regular session. Alderman Stallcup seconded the motion.
Having no further business to discuss, at 6:45 p.m., a motion was made by Alderman Wenzel to adjourn.
Alderman Stallcup seconded the motion, which carried unanimously.