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City of Laddonia to look for new patrol car

Posted on Wednesday, December 14, 2011 at 9:11 am

The City of Laddonia’s Board of Aldermen discussed research involving future law enforcement in town during their November 10 meeting.
According to city minutes, alderman Ono Monachino made a presentation on information he received from the Martinsburg Police Chief.
Monachino noted the Martinsburg officer could help with screening applicants and research but could not help patrol the city.
It was noted that the Audrain County Sheriff’s Department could not moonlight. A motion was made and passed for aldermen to check into buying a patrol car.
Aldermen also noted there was no interest in the alderman position currently open due to Wayne Todd’s resignation.
Mower issues
Laddonia resident Steve Myers made a presentation on mower issues due to sewer cleanouts. Aldermen decided to split the costs on new blades with Myers. Myers also asked who was responsible for trees on the property that lay within the city easement. City officials said property owners are to take care of their own trees and shrubs and it is not the city’s responsibility.
Aldermen accepted the Warrant List.
A snow plow was bought from Maxwell’s.
Aldermen moved to put $500 into the treasury due to a request made by the Highway 54 Coalition.
An acceptance letter was issued to Lewis Freund, who is wanting to donate land to the city. Lawyer Paul Seigfried will talk to the appraisal company and do a title search.
David Dirks may attend the meeting in December.
It was noted that Audrain County Clerk Shelley Harvey is taking over temporarily for the County Collector.
A bill to Seigfried was paid $760 for additional beyond the scope of retainer.
The IMS left an appraisal with City Clerk Barbara Cope on shredding and storage of files and the city does not feel it is needed at this time.
Bill 416 Ordinance regulating Video 5-percent franchise was read and approved.
Public Hearing on Casey’s
On October 13, a Public Hearing was held regarding a proposed building site for Casey’s. There were 20 residents and concerned citizens in attendance.
Among the concerns expressed included:
• Leisure Manor residents and those who fund the manor do not want the building on their doorstep. Concerns related to overnight parking for trucks, fence on the property line, property insurance for surrounding homes, concerns about trucks using streets and the deterioration of streets.
• Too much traffic; value of housing will go down. Many do not want traffic and noise all night long. Home owners do not want parking on the side of the street.
• Could bring additional income and jobs to town.
• Not enough trucks will be able to get in and out of the location.
• Feelings were expressed that Casey’s did not honor prior agreements at their current location. Residents claim Casey’s said they would help with the cost of street deterioration but did not.
• Concerns for underground tanks.
• Concerns for senior citizens in residence housing.
The board has not issued a building permit and Casey’s is looking to redraft their design.
Also in October, the board did approve a building permit for Shawn Craft to erect a new building on the corner of 2nd and Pine Streets.