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City of Laddonia swears in officials

Posted on Wednesday, April 15, 2015 at 12:53 pm

New Laddonia Mayor Josh Deimeke, right, is handed words for his oath of office from City Attorney Tom Ellis.

New Laddonia Mayor Josh Deimeke, right, is handed words for his oath of office from City Attorney Tom Ellis.

While a new mayor and new aldermen were sworn in during last Thursday’s City of Laddonia meeting, two outgoing aldermen expressed their wishes for the town under a new administration.
The meeting surprisingly opened with some controversy when the outgoing board asked those in attendance at the beginning to leave the room due to the need for an Executive Session. This was on the agenda.
The outgoing board met for about 15 minutes before area residents began coming back into the room.
During the patron input session of the regular meeting with newly sworn in officials, Melissa Deimeke read a portion of a Missouri State Statute on “term completion, perpetuity.”
It states that “the city has perpetual existence. This means, in practice, that terms of officials continue until successors are elected or appointed and qualified. Expiration of a term doesn’t relieve the official of his or her position until a replacement is elected or appointed and properly sworn in. The statute states repeatedly that officials shall serve until their successors are elected or appointed and qualified.”
Before residents had exited earlier, The Vanda-lia Leader’s General Manager/Editor expressed his thoughts that the Executive Session with the previous administration was something he thought was illegal.
City Attorney Tom Ellis said it was not. Schott was unable to get clarification on the law from the Attorney General’s office or a lawyer representing the Missouri Press Association by press time. The election results from last Tuesday were certified at the beginning of the regular meeting as new mayor Josh Deimeke read the oath of office.
Aldermen Eric Craft and Alicia Stanford were also sworn-in by Ellis.
Patron Input
Outgoing Alderman Ono Monachino reminded the new administration of projects he would like to see get accomplished.
Among the list he discussed included:
• “Junk cars” on 6th St.
• Drain problems near the Hard Ride Cafe, Bakery, and Saloon
• Removal of sidewalks and driveways
• Dirt removal from Poet
• The Koster property issue
He concluded by saying that he didn’t see in the ordinances where the mayor has a right to veto.
Tony Webber informed the board that Hard Ride Cafe, Bakery, and Saloon is holding a one year anniversary on June 13.
He presented written permission from MFA to close the street in front of the business for the day long celebration. The event will feature fried chicken and fish. It will end at midnight due to the noise ordinance.
Webber asked for the city to give the business permission to close the street down for their celebration.

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