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City of Laddonia celebrates new roads after three years of paving

Posted on Wednesday, August 1, 2018 at 6:12 am

All of the streets in Laddonia have been paved during the past three years.

Street conditions are always a concern for small towns.
Slightly less than 24 months ago, the City of Laddonia decided to make a priority in addressing their street conditions with the goal of paving every street in town. As of July 18, that mission was accomplished when the final street in town, the one in front of Mayor Monte Hanson’s home, was paved.
“We’re just happy to have that project done,” Mayor Hanson said. “It was a major project for our town.”
Capital Paving, of Jefferson City, won the bid and did the first two years of paving in Laddonia. Mid-River Asphalt, of Troy, won a final bid and finished the project.
The cost for the three year project totaled $707,000.
“We wrote a check out of the bank account and occurred no additional city debt,” Mayor Hanson noted.
He said when he first started serving on the city’s board five years ago, the city council heard the complaints of many residents regarding Laddonia’s poor street conditions.
Now, Mayor Hanson is pleased to announce the completion of one of the town’s two major projects on the docket.
The next goal is getting the Wastewater Irrigation Project finished, with a goal for completion being by the end of 2018.
“So we’ll have the two major projects of this town for the last 10 years done and finished,” Mayor Hanson said. “Both of them will incur no additional debt to the city.”