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City of Farber to hold special election

Posted on Wednesday, April 16, 2014 at 12:01 pm

Farber City Clerk Marie Bounds, right, leads Tony Shade in taking the oath of office.

Farber City Clerk Marie Bounds, right, leads Tony Shade in taking the oath of office.

Several Farber residents showed up to Monday night’s City of Farber Board of Aldermen meeting eager to know if they will need to vote in a special election for a city council seat.
During last Tuesday’s election, it appeared as if both Tony Shade and Lynn Flowers would win unopposed races.
While Shade retained his seat with 15 votes, Flowers and a write-in candidate, William Robinson, each received 11 votes.
Based on the law, if both candidates agree, they can settle a tie with a drawing or through some other option like a coin toss.
If either candidate does not agree with that option, the city has no choice but to hold a special election. With Robinson unable to attend the board meeting due to his work, Flowers told her fellow board members that she wanted another election.
The price tag for a new election ranges from $250-$500, to be determined officially by the number of ballots needed and the number of judges needed.
“It doesn’t seem like we have much of a choice (but to hold a special election,)” said Farber Mayor John Hodde.
City Clerk Marie Bounds suggested a possibility of holding the election in August to save money as a primary will be held that month.
Aldermen Ronald Greenplate suggested for the city to not wait that long. It was noted that Flowers’ seat would be vacant after Monday evening and not filled until the special election.
Shade was sworn into office by Bounds. Aldermen discussed among themselves the need for all three remaining aldermen and the mayor to attend the May meeting.
A Special Election date of Tuesday, June 3 was set and awaits approval from the Audrain County Clerk’s office.
Water Bills
Residents Alen Lee and Kristina Sharp both shared their concerns with the council that their water and sewer bills show a drastic increase in costs.
Lee noted how his bill showed his residence using 1,000 gallons of water in one month and 17,000 the next month. The increase in water price increased his sewer rates.
Sharp shared a similar story. The two were informed that changes in the bills sometimes reflects on average usage.
Aldermen also discussed a problem with the city losing water to leaks at abandoned homes and other buildings like the old brick plant.
Building Permits
During the meeting, aldermen discussed the Foree Building Permit.
They approved a request for a carport to be placed at the property with the understanding that it is set back 5’ from the road.
John Dieckmann sent his correspondence in regards to a lot his planning of building a house for Vicki Wyble. His permit was approved.
Discussion was held on whether Greenplate’s property and the land Dieckmann is building the home on might possibly cause a potential conflict.
An entitlement issue was discussed to move Farber’s gallons per day of water available from 15,000 to 30,000. The item was authorized.
The Board of Aldermen approved the publishing of the six month financial statement for the City of Farber.
The board discussed a situation regarding a resident who is seeking $162 from the city machinery they rented to fix a water leak.
Aldermen tabled the discussion until they can learn more information.