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Chiropractors attend 2012 Midwest Conference

Posted on Thursday, July 5, 2012 at 5:14 am

Recently a group of Chiropractors who have practices in Pike County combined to attend the Logan College Alumni Assoc. 2012 Homecoming and Midwest Conference June 21 thru June 24.
Dr. L. Shane Hart, Dr. Mercedes Williamson, Dr. Kristine Brassier and Dr. Eric Gearing obtained their continuing education credits at the conferences. All agreed that the conference was exceptional and was taught by a great team of leaders in Chiropractic.
The conference was held on the campus at Logan College in Chesterfield, Mo. The new facility is state of the art and very conducive to learning.
The following is a list of topics discussed and their moderators: Michael Murphy, D.C. spoke on “biomechanics of the golf swing,” Carolyn McMakin, DC, MA spoke about “The Challenging 20%: The most six common causes of mild to moderate chronic pain unresolved by routine Chiropractic care;” K. Jeffery Miller, DC, DABCO, “Metabolic Syndrome;” Van D. Merkle, DC, DABCL, CCN, DCBCN, “Differential Diagnosis using foundational laboratory analysis;” John K. Hyland, DC, MPH, “Chiropractic Rehabilitation – Acute and Chronic Patients;” Bryan K. Hawley, D.C., “Treating Moderate to Severe cases with traction/decompression and Adjunct Procedures;” Steven Weiniger, D.C., Posture Exercise and assessment for rehab, performance, and aging well;” Anthony J. Miller, D.C., “Superior Labral Injuries: Evaluation and Management,” Planter Faciitis: Evaluation and management;” Jason A. Browdy, M.D., “Case Studies – Superior Labral Injuries;” and John Holtzman, DPM, FACFAS, “Case Studies – Plantar Faciitis.”
All four chiropractors appreciate the understanding of their patients while they were attending this conference and had to close their offices and they hope to made use of the information to make a great difference in the lives of their patients.