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Chief Hammann plans to leave for New Haven

Posted on Wednesday, November 21, 2018 at 9:11 am

Vandalia Police Chief Christopher Hammann during last week’s City of Vandalia Board of Alderman meeting. He recently gave the city his letter of resignation, which was approved last week by aldermen.

Current Vandalia Pollice Chief Christopher Hammann has made plans to take over as top law enforcement officer in the City of New Haven.
“It is a better opportunity to better myself, personal growth, step up the ladder,” Chief Hammann told The Vandalia Leader.
Chief Hammann said the move to New Haven takes him a little closer to his hometown, which will help him take care of his father and be around a lot of his family.
While in New Haven, Chief Hammann will also serve on the Franklin County Drug and Violent Crimes Task Force.
He also noted that there is a Prop P tax that helps to pay for salaries in Franklin County.
Chief Hammann said he is proud of what has been accomplished while serving in Vandalia.
“We have done a lot here in Vandalia,” he said. “We have really cracked down on drug activity in this area over the last two years. I know that whoever will take my place will continue that. It is making it a lot more pleasant to be in Vandalia and live in Vandalia by curbing some of that drug activity. I think that gives an opportunity to new residents outsiders new business and anyone else that wants to come into this area. The other aspect of it is in the last two years, look at the awards that some of these guys have received in this department. That has moved our department into a professional level I believe that serves this community best. Basically, everything I set out to do here I have done, and I feel confident leaving here knowing that I have done this with these guys. These guys have an excellent team, whether they are short staffed or whatever their situation is. I’ve ask(ed) a lot of them but they have stepped it up and performed and done everything that they could to better the community and the town. Look at the Trunk or Treat event we had. It shows the community is getting on board with the police department, which is something that is great to see. It is great to see all the businesses that were there. My staff, Pam, the clerk, everyone came together to make that event successful. That’s important for me to know that I can leave here and say that I accomplished these things.” Chief Hammond leaves the Vandalia Police Department and our Vandalia community with heartfelt emotion, stating, “I mean we were a family here. Small town, small area, small department, and we’re all pretty close together. And I’ll stay in contact because I want to make sure that everythings is gonna run once I leave here the right way, in which I am confident it will be.”