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Chapter CE P.E.O meets

Posted on Wednesday, March 9, 2016 at 9:52 am

Assorted pizzas and a lettuce salad accented with Mandarin Orange segments and toasted almond slivers were enjoyed by the 16 sisters of Chapter CE  P.E.O. for its Tuesday, March 1 meeting at the United Methodist Church in Vandalia. Sharon Lewton, Loralee Adam, and Teresa Wenzel served as hostesses for Muriel Beshears and Linda Witte who were absent due to illness. The group also enjoyed homemade cookies made by Muriel’s granddaughter, Claire Motley.
Outgoing President, Cindy Pirch, conducted the business meeting.  She installed the following new officers:  Ruth Nation, President; Jean Barnes, Vice-President; Jody Bauman, Recording Secretary; Teresa Wenzel, Corresponding Secretary; Joy Davis, Treasurer; Muriel Beshears, Chaplain; and Grace Wortman, Guard.
It was announced the musical “Oliver” is the Arrow Rock Lyceum production June 22 and sisters should contact Joy Davis with a check for $27 if interested in attending.
This is a first –come, first-serve ticket selection.
Sharon Lewton, 2016-2017 program chairman, distributed new program books and explained the new year’s theme Flowers.
Fashions of 1915 was the evening’s program presented by Loralee Adam. The program   concluded the chapter’s commemoration of its 100th year as a P.E.O. chapter in Vandalia.  Loralee displayed photographs of the restrictive Hubble skirts, V-Necked fashions and for the first time above-the-ankle length dresses. Costume jewelry was worn and evening shoes were much the same as what is worn today. The influence of World War I, 1914-1918, dictated the fashions of the 1915 time period.  Loralee related 1917 also saw the first athletic shoes, sneakers.  They were so named because the rubber sole allowed “sneaking up” on someone undetected.  The first bra was patented in 1914 by an American woman and no longer uncomfortable corsets were needed. Dressmakers sewed clothing as there were no retail stores and there was no need for a handbag as goods were charged to accounts. The first tube of lipstick was invented in 1915.  Hook and Eye was the closure used as the zipper had not yet made its appearance in women’s clothing.
Loralee concluded the program showing her grandmother’s wedding dress.
The dress was worn December 22, 1909 by (Emilie) Amelia Kruger who married John Dickmeyer at Arlington, Nebraska.
She also displayed a board of family wedding fashions from 1903-1931 illustrating color, dress length and head pieces worn.
The next meeting of Chapter CE will be Tuesday, April 19 at 7 p.m. at the home of Ruth Nation.