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Century-old book with Laddonia autographs found in Minnesota

Posted on Wednesday, April 13, 2016 at 10:02 am

An autograph book dated in the early 1900s features unique literary memories from former Laddonia residents.

An autograph book dated in the early 1900s features unique literary memories from former Laddonia residents.

An autograph book with creative writings  dating from 1892 to the early 1900s to a woman named “Dora” was discovered recently by a Minnesota man and sent to “The Vandalia Leader” office. A representative of the Hubbard County Developmental Achievement Center (DAC), which provides jobs for people who are developmentally disabled and/or suffer from mental illness, found the item at one of its three stores. The organization takes donated items, cleans them, and sells them in retail stores, with one being “The Tin Ceiling” in Park Rapids, Minn.
The book doesn’t feature “Dora’s” last name but there are many other last names visible. The book appears to be from “Dora’s” funeral.
Some of the families include Foree, Grigsby, Carter, Weller, Cook, Lewton, Bell, Lyons, Hamilton, Collins (from Curryville), Easthorn, Shinn, Corner, Lasher, Norris, Slaughter, Hubbard, and more.
The book will either be donated to a located family member or the City of Laddonia.
A couple of the book’s excerpts include:
Dear Dora:-
When I am far away from Santa Fe, and ore the dark blue sea, remember oh; remember who wrote these lines for thee.
Your friend,
Beulah Gilbertson- Dec. 26, 1897

Elm Bend,
Dear Dora,
There is another album,
Filled with leaves of spotless white,
Where no names are ever furnished,
But all is pure and bright.
In the Book of Life-God’s album,
May your name be penned with care.
And may all of those who here have written
Write their names forever there. Is the wish of your friend and teacher,
Dollie Grigsby
March 30, 1900

Dear Dora,-
August 27, 1899
Opportunity is a thoughbred-led and saddled; which stops at a man’s threshold but once in a lifetime; be read; mount; and he will carry you on to success and honor; pause but a moment and he is gone: The clatter of his iron hoof, echoing down the corridors of time will forever remind you of what you have lost!
“Myrtyle Vanetle Day”

Dear Dora,
May your life be long and happy.
May your troubles be but few.
May you find sweet rest in heaven,
When the angels call for you.
Ethel Collins,
Curryville, Mo.

Laddonia, Mo.
March 12, 1901
Dear Dora:-
I have looked these pages oer and oer to see what others wrote before, and in this lonely spot I here enscribe “Forget me not.” Your friend and schoolmate
Mary Corner