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Candidates must think we can’t think for ourselves

Posted on Wednesday, September 7, 2016 at 10:45 am

EDITORIAL---ron-mug-colorgsFor a couple of years now, the use of a personal email account containing classified information has plagued the campaign of democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.
The never-ending saga continued in the news last week when the FBI released transcripts from a 3 1/2 hour interview with Clinton.
Several mainstream media reports noted that in the 58-page report, Clinton was asked about an email chain with “C” designated markings during her tenure as Secretary of State. She speculated to FBI agents that she thought the “C” referenced paragraphs marked in alphabetical order.
She also told agents that she didn’t know the difference between the government’s classifications of “Top Secret,” “Secret,” and “Confidential.” She also said she didn’t pay attention to the level of classifications but took all classified information seriously.
The report showed Clinton had 13 cell phones, with 11 of them being smart phones during her tenure. When access was requested to the devices, one Clinton aide named Justin Cooper actually admitted to destroying at least two of her cell phones with a hammer.
There was more in the report but I couldn’t get over the fact that Clinton said she didn’t know what the “C” meant or the difference in classifications.
This is a former first lady, former U.S. Senator, and a Secretary of State.
When serving as a Senator, she served on the Sentate Armed Services Subcommittee of Emerging Threats and Capabilities. This group has jurisdiction over the Department of Defense policies and programs used to counter the threats like terrorism, nuclear weapons, and more.
Ironically, Vice-Presidential nominee Tim Kaine sits on the same subcommittee right now. Perhaps someone should ask him if he knows what the “C” means.
It doesn’t matter who the candidate is or the party affiliation they claim. I simply hate being lied to and this appears to be yet another case of politicians treating Americans like we’re stupid. This happens on both sides of the political aisle and it feels like it never stops.
More on the media and the election
Of course it doesn’t help that today’s mainstream media picks its favorites and presents information to voters with a slant all of the time.
Using a voter filter, as I like to call it, is getting more and more difficult.
Think about all of the stories on Social Media…Did Hillary really have Seth Rich killed? Is Donald Trump racist? Is Hillary Clinton too sick to be president? Did Trump cause a national incident by meeting with the Mexican President? Is Hillary’s proof of corruption details in the operation of the Clinton Foundation? Did Donald Trump visit Louisiana just for a photo opportunity?
Wikileaks is also planning an October surprise for the Clinton campaign.
The list goes on and on…With two months left, voters will receive a lot more information to filter through.
Here are some tips that I think will help you:
• Read multiple news sources and look for facts common in the reports while steering away from opinions.
• Don’t get so caught up in the party affiliation. Try to use your own judgement when reading about things before deciding how you want to react to them.
• Don’t get caught up in the headlines. Websites catch you all the time with glorified headlines.
Then when you read the story in its full context or watch a video in its full context, you find out that the headline was only there to get the reader’s attention.
• If seeing just partial video clips or hearing audio clips from a speech, don’t make up your mind on the issue until you watch or listen to more of the content.
If the candidate was speaking at a rally, go to and find the full speech.
Then you can see the full context instead of just a sound bite that the mainstream media takes out of context more often than not.