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Bond issue up for vote at Community R-VI

Posted on Wednesday, March 19, 2014 at 4:45 pm

In just a couple of weeks, voters living in the Community R-VI will be asked to approved a $1.25 million bond issue on the April ballot. If this bond issue passes, it is not necessary to increase anyone’s current taxes. The district would keep the tax rate the same and still be able to raise enough funds to pay off the new debt in 15 years. Therefore, the current .55 cent debt service fund levy will be extended by 10 years from 2019 to 2029.
In April, 2008, the patrons of Community R-VI District passed a bond issue that made several energy savings upgrades, as well as enclosing the walkway between the high school and the Ag building, and remodeling the high school lab and elementary rest rooms.
Market conditions allowed these bonds to be refinanced in May 2011 for a savings to the district of $72,017 and shortened the final maturity date by one year. Through careful money management, the Board of Education voted in August of 2013 to prepay $50,000 of the Series 2011 bonds. Since the board refinanced and will make a prepayment on these bonds in March, they are able to run a general obligation bond issue for $1,250,000 without increasing the current tax rate.
“Events of the past year have heightened our awareness concerning the safety and security of the students attending the Community R-VI School District, in addition, the school buildings are beginning to show their age and are in need of upgrades,” said Community R-VI Superintendent Cheryl Mack.
Listed below are specific items that will be completed if the bond issue passes:
• Secure entrance modifications at both the high school and the elementary buildings
• Increase security surveillance in and around buildings and on busses
• Replace hardware on interior doors
• Construct an energy efficient bus barn for maintenance and a protected bus parking area
• Make electrical and lighting improvements in vocational-agriculture building, concession area, cafeteria, and gymnasium
• Addition of a centralized visitor parking area and parking lot improvements
The public is welcome to tour the facilities and discuss the proposed repairs. If you have any questions, contact Superintendent Mack at 855-708-7567. The 2014 Community R-VI School Board Election will be held April 8, 2014. The terms of Andrew Fairchild, Glenn Jensen, Jr., and Linda Gastler will expire. Fairchild, Jensen, and Gastler have all filed for re-election; also filing as a candidate is Greg Fort.