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BOA awards city water plant bid

Posted on Wednesday, November 21, 2012 at 10:30 am

In its efforts to control contaminants in the City of Vandalia municipal water supply, the city’s board of alderman during its regular November meeting awarded the lowest bid for improvements to the water treatment plant to keep within Safe Drinking Water Standards.
Hauser Construction, of Wentzville, submitted the winning bid of $309,000 for work on phase one of updates at the plant. Consulting engineers Trabue, Hansen and Hinshaw, of Columbia, designed and estimated phase-one to cost $370,000. The highest bidder, Martin General Contractors, of Eolia, came in at $533,950. Five total bids were submitted. Whether Hauser Construction is awarded the actual contract depends on further review by the Vandalia’s city attorney.
Vandalia City Administrator Alan Winders said Hauser Construction received positive remarks from Vandalia’s consulting engineers, which noted Hauser was “well qualified to perform the work as bid in a competent and timely manner.”
The process to award the contract includes:
• Vandalia awarding the contract through board action
• Five copies of Vandalia’s “notice of award” being sent to the contractor for proper signatures to be returned within 15 days
• A final review of the returned “notice of award” ensuring that the documents were properly executed
After the “notice of award” is approved, the city and contractor  conduct a “pre-construction conference” and a “notice to proceed” is sent to the contractor.
Updates included in the project are:
• Construction of a chemical feed building and piping
• Amenities for an ammonia application to be installed at a later date
• Construction of a carbon feed building and piping
• Filter backwash controls and actuators
• A replaced vertical turbine pump as well as three replaced horizontal pumps
• Replaced gallery piping and fittings
• Installing and connecting carbon feed equipment, which is provided by the city of Vandalia
• Installing and connecting chlorine feed equipment, which is provided by Vandalia
Other motions
The board unanimously voted to authorize Mayor Ramon Barnes to sign a resolution for the dissolution of Vandalia’s compact agreement with the Audrain County City-Health Unit (ACCHU).
Karen Shaw presented Mayor Barnes the resolution, which ends the City of Vandalia’s affiliation and obligations toward the unit.
ACCHU was effectively replaced after Audrain County voters approved a tax earlier in the year for the creation of the Audrain County Board of Health, which assumes all duties of the ACCHU as of January 1.
Assistant City Administrator Debbie Hopke presented a recommendation of First National Bank as Vandalia’s provider of general banking services. The board unanimously accepted her recommendation.
Hopke said the city has used First National Bank since 2000. She said the current option allows for a two-year agreement with a option to renew in the third year.
Hopke said the City of Vandalia will make a “good-faith” effort to keep $1.5 million in its primary checking account with First National providing notice if the account falls below that amount. She said First National agreed not to charge for its servicing the account so long as the city maintains its effort. If Vandalia is unable to keep at the $1.5 million mark, First National will change the threshold to accommodate for the city’s financial circumstances and maintain no charge for its banking services.
Hopke said interest earned on the checking account would be .15 percent.
Per by-laws of the Rual Morris Charitable Foundation, the board voted unanimously to accept the foundation’s request of Jim Hickman and Jack Creason as new board members of the foundation.
The board unanimously approved the purchase of a non-budgeted emergency light trailer for a cost of $2,000. Utilities Superintendent Aaron Rentfro said Vandalia officials had been looking for an emergency light trailer for the past two years. He said one was made available from Missouri Surplus Property. Rentfro said Vandalia’s mechanic was given the opportunity to asses the equipment’s operational functioning, which were given the go-ahead. He said the item can be returned within 30 days and payment for the equipment would come from the electric distribution budget.
The board unanimously approved Mayor Barnes’ appointments of members to the Vandalia Housing Authority. Those appointments include: Brenda Elliot, Cami Blackman, and Rita Jennings. The appointments were needed as Robert Bland, Fred Geerlings, and Kathy Hunn resigned.
YMCA Update
Winders presented the group with an update on progress of the shared YMCA/library project . He said the Rual Morris Charitable Foundation agreed to fund the project one-for-one at a cost not to exceed $750,000, or half of the project paid over a period of 40 years. He said a request was originally made for $1 million for the foundation to pay a debt service to USDA Rural Development.
Winders added the initial Mayor’s Exploratory Committee will dissolve and a community-based committee will move the project forward. He said an application for tax-credit funding from Neighborhood Assistance Program will be sent in spring.
Sherry Medley, director of the YMCA in Mexico, reviewed initial feasibility study results completed in Vandalia. Medley said overall the feedback was good with some concern about financial support.
Winders said if the project receives negative support, the City of Vandalia will move forward on a new library.
Police Chief Tony Laird presented the board with its request for an abatement report made during the regular October meeting.
Laird said since January 1, 141 abatements have been issued. Of that, he said 36 vehicles abatements, 82 grass and weed abatements, and 23 trash/junk abatements were issued
Laird said the city cut grass and weeds 27 times after issuing an abatement, one summons was issued over grass and weed issues, and five summons have been issues over excessive trash/junk. He said two summons have been issued regarding unlicensed/inoperable. Laird said no vehicle were towed by the police as a result of the issuance of abatements.
He said eight cases were open regarding trash/junk abatements and two cases were still open for vehicles.
Surplus Sales
The board unanimously approved the surplus sale of the following items:
• 1991 Jeep Cherokee, minimum bid of $400
• 1991 Dodge D250, minimum bid of $400
• 1993 Ford One Ton, minimum bid of $350
• 1998 Ford Taurus, minimum bid of $300
• Bush hog, minimum bid of $100