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Big cases on tap for June ready for the U.S. Supreme Court

Posted on Wednesday, May 29, 2013 at 1:40 pm

General Manager/Editor Ron Schott

Recently, the federal government has been making daily headlines with the AP Scandal, IRS tax hearings, and more.
By the end of June, it is likely the U.S. Supreme Court will be a major focus of media reports as they have five public sessions to release opinions in 30 remaning cases.
The first major case involves same sex marriage as a pair of appeals test whether gays and lesbian couples have a constitutional right to wed.
The main issue surrounds the Defense of Marriage Act as it defines marriage as between one man and one woman. At issue is the plantiff in the case who was forced to pay more than $363,000 in extra estate taxes when her longtime spouse, who was also a female, died. Since there is DOMA as a law, same-sex spouses do not receive benefits and provisions a man-woman marriage receives.
The court is being asked to establish same-sex marriage as a constitutional right and could decide whether a state can revoke the right through a state referendum. There were protesters lined up in Washington D.C. in favor of same-sex marriage when the issue was first talked about in March by the highest court.
One can only imagine what the scene will be like of the U.S. Supreme Court actually passes down a decision by the end of next month. Their decision can truly change our nation as we know it.
It will be extremely interesting to see how these judges react. While many describe the panel as conservative by a one judge margin, it’s important to note that Chief Justice John Roberts had his lesbian cousin attend the March hearings. Some rumor his vote may lean towards a more “progressive” judgement. It’s going to get interesting.
Another hot button issue involves affirmative action. The court will discuss whether race may continue to be used as a factor in college admissions as a means to reach classroom diversity.
The future of the Voting Rights Act will also be discussed. Discussion will also be on continued federal oversight of elections in states with a past history of discrimination. Finally, Gene Patents will be discussed. Some individuals and companies are wanting to use parts of the human genome to be held as exclusive intellectual property through government-issued patents. All four issues we be surely debated by political pundits from both sides of the political aisle next month. The Supreme Court decisions may change the landscape of our nation as we know it. Stay tuned…