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August election results as of August 13

Posted on Wednesday, August 15, 2012 at 9:12 am

Audrain County voters overwhelmingly approved Constitutional Amendment No. 2.
The now-approved ballot initiative — which passed 3,060 to 374 — guarantees the right of religious expression and gives students within the public school system the right to pray and voluntarily express his or her religious beliefs. All public schools will be required to display the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution.
The Mexico sales tax was also voted into place to increase funding for the city’s 13 parks.
The initiative will roll back Mexico’s property tax by half, from .20 cents to .10 cents, and imposed a half-cent sales tax.
Mexico’s City Manager Bruce Slagle said collection of the tax begins Jan. 1, 2013.
said the funding will give Mexico a net gain of about $250,000 for the city’s park system. The money will be used for overdue repairs and improvements.
For Western District County Commissioner, Tom Groves took Jon Oliver with 466 votes over Oliver’s 330.
“I appreciate all the support I had in getting re-elected,” Commissioner Groves said.  “I’m just glad it was a good, clean campaign.”
“I’m looking forward to the next four years. It’s been a great place to work,” he added. “You can’t  ask  for a  better county to work for than Audrain County.”
For the state-wide primary election results, Claire McCaskill (D) and Jonathan Dine (L) ran unopposed in the senate primary. For the Republicans:
Todd Akin 217,404
John Brunner 180,788
Sarah Steelman 176,127
Brunner won Audrain County with just 22 votes more than Akin. Brunner also took Ralls County with 303 votes, but Akin took Pike County with 928 votes to Brunner’s 374.
Jay Nixon received 86 percent of the Democratic governor’s vote in the primary with 269,865 votes. Libertarian Jim Higgins ran unopposed. For the Republican spot:
David Spence 333,578
Bill Randles 90,651
Fred Sauer 83,659
Spence secured Audrain County with 1,209 votes, Ralls County with 437 votes, and Pike County with 947 votes.
For Lt. Governor,  Susan Montee took about 44 percent of the Democratic vote with 131,190 tallies. Judy Baker (D) was the closest runner up with 46,188 votes. Matthew Copple and Cynthia Davis ran unopposed for the Libertarian and Constitutional parties, respectively. For the Republicans:
Peter Kinder 254,986
Brad Lager 239,690
Mike Carter 47,228
Kinder lost Audrain County to  Lager, 1,004 votes to 850 votes, but Kinder took Ralls County with 464 votes. He took Pike County with 753 votes.
For the Democratic secretary of state spot, Jason Kander overtook MD Rabbi Alam with 247,381 votes or by 86.9 percent of the vote. Cisse Spragins ran unopposed for the Libertarian spot, and Justin Harter ran unopposed for the Constitution Party. In the Republican race:
Shane Schoeller 193,145
Scott Rupp 188,636
Bill Stouffer 165,524
Stouffer grabbed Audrain County with 47. 5 percent of the Republican vote, but Schoeller took Ralls county with 210 votes. Rupp took Pike County with 685 votes.
All party candidates for treasurer ran unopposed.
In the primary race for attorney general, with Chris Koster (D) and Dave Browning (L) running unopposed, the Republican race was between two:
Ed Martin: 373,320
Adam Lee Warren 148,367
Martin claimed both Audrain County with 1,280 votes, and Ralls County with 456 votes, and secured Pike County with 979 votes.
Teresa Hensley (D) ran unopposed in the U.S. Rep. District 4, as did Greg Cowan (C). For the Republican U.S. representative of District 4 race:
Vicky Hartzler 71,600
Bernie Mowinski 13,641
Hartzler took Audrain County with 1,170 votes.
For the Libertarian District 4 spot:
Thomas Holbrook 230
Herschel Young 168
In the U.S. Rep. District 6 primary race, Russ Lee Monchil ran unopposed in the Libertarian party. For the remaining parties:
Kyle Yarber (D) 10,242
W.A. Hedge (D) 8,619
Ronald Harris (D) 7,483
Ted Rights (D) 5,127
Sam Graves (R) 59,376
Christoper Ryan (R) 9,944
Bob Gough (R) 4,597
Yarber took Audrain County with 53 votes over Hedges’ 36 votes, with Yarber also grabbing a majority in Ralls County. Harris grabbed Pike County with just one vote more than Yarber for the Democrats. Graves made the Republican spot in Audrain County, Ralls County and Pike.