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Audrain retirees meet

Posted on Wednesday, December 21, 2016 at 12:44 pm

-ment. It will be $30,000 for the vehicle and about $10,000 for the equipment. The cost to the city is about $18,500.
Alderman Bob Dunn asked if there was a need for the vehicle.
City Administrator Waggoner said the pick-up truck will help officers on snow and ice, give the city a vehicle for hauling something like a dog cage that won’t mess up the other vehicles, and will be the only quad cab with seats that could be used later for hauling correctional workers.
Show-Me Heroes Program
Aldermen authorized the city administrator to sign the Show-Me Heroes Program. This program is a way for employers to demonstrate that they are a military-friendly employer. While the pledge does not require the city to exclusively hire veterans or service members, it does make the city eligible to have up to six months wages of a potentially hired veteran trained for a position covered by the state.
New Employee Pay Scale
City Administrator Waggoner said this item is something he’s been working on since starting with the city.
It was noted that a merit-based employee pay scale being used was established in 1996.
A change tailoring a system to the city’s needs would eliminate two vacant full-time positions (electrical lineman and public works laborer) and use those funds to increase employee wages to fit within the new pay scale. The result would be a pay increase for all employees minus the city administrator.
There were no intentions of filling that two positions as they had been vacant for some time.
The new system would involve “career pathing.”
Alderman Weiser noted that it could be looked at closer during budget time.
Mayor Ralph Kuda said it was not something to be implemented in this meeting but noted if something is done, it needs to be done right for the city’s employees.
It was noted that each department would have established career paths.
It was noted by Mayor Kuda that nothing should be decided on before knowing what the budget looks like for paying for it.
City Administrator Waggoner noted that the dollars being used are coming from two eliminated positions currently budgeted for but are vacant.
Mike Smith said he was thankful for the work put into how to better take care of the city’s employees but also said he just asks that something not be promised that can’t be delivered.
Health Insurance Provider
Staff recommended that the city choose the Lifestyles insurance plan from Missouri Rural Water Association members through the Mike Keith Insurance Agency.
This plan was chosen after reviewing 22 plan options from six different vendors. A decision was being looked at due to rates going up by 14.9% effective December 1. This would have raised the rates $33,316.08 per year.
The new company will cost the city just $17,992.92 more than last year. Meanwhile, out-of-pocket premiums go from 4.95% to 15.6% with the lowest percentage increase going to families. Employees in a special meeting favored a one-year trial period with Lifestyles.
The change was approved by aldermen.
Interim Police Chief Justin Landis
Interim Police Chief Justin Landis was recognized with a city resolution for his time with the city as he is leaving Vandalia to work with the Audrain County Sheriff’s Department.
Due to a city ordinance, Landis was due back pay since he worked July 1, 2015-November 30, 2016, which is more than 14 days to be paid at a wage rate higher than his preceding job classification.
The total City Administrator Waggoner showed was $2,498.64 plus taxes and dollars towards the pension plan. Landis said the $2,499 was way different then his calculations.
The item was tabled.
Demolishing old library
Necessary funds to demolish the old library was $11,000 as totals for the project is around $70,000, which is around $11,000 less than was in the Library Building Fund. The $60,000 that was in the fund was anticipated to be enough but it is not. Asbestos was a major reason for the increase in costs.
Money will still need to be found tor the sidewalks and parking lot in next year’s budget.
Aldermen approved the measure.
Employee Christmas Bonuses
A small increase of $5 to $120 and $10 to $100 for appointed officials and the volunteer fire chief was recommended. Part-time employees and volunteers firefighters were kept at $50.
These bonuses come in the form of Vandalia Chamber Bucks.
Aldermen approved the measure.
MPUA grant
The city has been awarded a grant in the amount of $24,677 from the Missouri Public Utility Alliance for improvements to the electric utility. Goal is to take current grid from 2,400 voltage to a more energy efficient 4,160 voltage. This grant would save the city approximately $64,000 on an estimated $600,000 project.
Aldermen approved the measure.
Water System Capital Surcharge and Sewer System Surcharge
One resolution was discussed but not approved to increase the surcharge rate from $3 to $4.60 per 1,000 gallons from January 1, 2017-February 29, 2020. This would generate $89,600 per year and almost completely pay off the fund’s deficits. It would cost the average household of about $8 per month.
Current projects had the fund with a $291,000 negative fund balance.
No decision was made.
The Sewer System Surcharge will go up from $1.20 to $1.40 per 1,000 gallons.
The department needs to set aside $44,000-$45,000 for things like lagoon dredging, heavy equipment, and eventual replacing of the lagoon boat. The increase will generate an estimated $46,500 in annual revenue. The change will cost households about $1 per month.
This measure was approved by aldermen.
During the Citizens to be Heard portion of the meeting, engineer Tom Trabue, of McCluer Engineering, publicly thanked the board for their business during the past year.
He noted that flow meters should start according to schedule in late March and April and it’s a long process that is weather dependent.
Minutes from the November 8 and November 21 meetings were approved. The Accounts Payable Report for November 2016 was also approved.
A brief police station update was given in regards to Casey’s. Casey’s said basically if the city wants the building, then the city could have it.
A construction estimator is coming to town to give the city costs to renovating the Casey’s building or renovating the current police station. A formal package will be presented to aldermen during the next board meeting.
It was noted that the Vandalia YMCA Project had a real productive meeting. There is a request to build the building slightly closer to the road that current ordinance of 25’ away from the corner allows. The YMCA folks would need it to be 22’ away.
It was noted that possibly a code enforcement officer could be added to work one day a week. This item can be on a future agenda.