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Audrain County’s L.E.P.C. helps Martinsburg with siren purchase

Posted on Wednesday, January 28, 2015 at 8:52 am

DSC_0200Audrain County’s Local Emergency Planning Committee (L.E.P.C.) approved a measure to use $1,425 of its limited resources to help the City of Martinsburg erect an emergency siren at its recent first quarter 2015 meeting in Mexico.
The funds could be made available since the City of Martinsburg is looking to have its siren have a separate tone in case of a hazardous material concern. L.E.P.C. funds can only be used for hazardous material projects.
The siren will have six different tones and features the “Westminster Chimes.”
The City of Martinsburg has already raised $600 of the funds needed for the project. Bob Cope represented the city at the meeting.
Plans will soon include having Consolidated Electric to donate labor to erect the siren in time for the upcoming storm season.
“I think they need it,” said Eastern District Commissioner Roger Young in the meeting held inside the Audrain County Courthouse under the direction of Emergency Management Director Steve Shaw.
The Audrain County Health Department’s Randy Senor suggested the L.E.P.C. consider a cap for such donations in the future since it has very limited finances.
After not having one on record, the L.E.P.C. is looking to take a Hazard Commodities Flow Study for the county.
This process involves a 24-hour watch at main intersections of highway, like Scotts Corner.
There would be two shifts of three people watching the vehicles go by during a 24-hour people.
The effort could cost $6,000 with a possible need of 36 people.
An April 1 deadline was set for the study.
A similar railroad study will also need to be done.
Burlington Northern reports an average of 576 shipments of anhydrous ammonia per month. Norfolk Southern doesn’t appear it will give a flow study while more information is still needed from KC Southern.
Norfolk Southern is offering a two hour training for responders.
A DOT Placard Chart No. 15 is now available and replaces No. 14.
Upcoming L.E.P.C. meetings are April 16, July 16, and October 15.
An HMEP training request was sent to MERC.
A five year Hazardous Mitigation Plan was discussed.
The P.E.A.C. Tier II presentation wasn’t presented due to technical difficulties.
The group discusses the cost of $15 name plates for those attending the meetings. No action was taken.
The 2015 exercise planning was discussed.
It was also mentioned that estimates are near $1,000 to do load tests on L.E.P.C. generators on the trailer. Cheaper options may be presented in the April meeting.
It was also mentioned that the HAM emergency committee’s group has a $13,000 new repeater and equipment.
With a location on the KWWR tower, Audrain County is now the No. 1 HAM emergency system in the state.
There were no reports in the quarterly hazard incident report, per the Department of Natural Resources (DNR), for Audrain County.