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Audrain County retirees meet

Posted on Wednesday, April 8, 2015 at 1:41 pm

The Audrain County Area Public School Retirees met April 1 at the Audrain County Historical Museum. President Maureen Hacker introduced guest, Susan Fales, who is our Region 4 Vice President. Fales made a few remarks about MRTA legislative issues and reminded members to encourage local teachers to apply for the $500 grants.
Hacker introduced Lori Pratt who is the director of the Audrain County Historical Society. Pratt talked about her role at the museum and the upcoming events.
She also thanked ACAPSR for all they do for the museum.
Pratt introduced Janice Robison who is the assistant director. Pratt and Robison were presented a notebook that contains the curriculum for the One Room School House and also six slates.
President Hacker called the meeting to order.  She introduced new member Pat Miller. Hacker thanked the social committee Sue Ann Keith, Shar Schnake, Laura Pitts, and Lynn Becker for their beautiful Easter decorations and for providing us with lunch. Keith led the pledge and Pitts gave a dynamic devotional entitled “The Resurrection Cookie” which told the Easter story through the making of a cookie.
The minutes of the previous meeting were disseminated prior to the meeting via email. The minutes were approved as printed.
The treasurer’s report was given.
Legislative chair Laura Worstell reported on HB 1085 and HB 1086. Informative Protective chair Margaret Thomas shared several types of fraud with members. Membership chair Deborah Teague reported that her committee had met and they will distribute information bags to new retirees in the school district in May.  Community Participation chair Sally Stuart thanked those members who brought Next Step donations. She reminded members that we are continuing to collect Moser receipts. Stuart shared that volunteer hours from members of MRTA totaled $12,409,948 if volunteer hours would have been paid hours.
Under old business, Hacker handed out program book updates and reminded members that dues are now due. Legislative day was attended by Fecht, Teague and Hacker. They reported that day was interesting and well attended. Hacker stated that MRTA is collecting tabs from soda cans. Hacker thanked curriculum committee: Linda Sue Galloway, Diana Henage, Bev MacFarlane and Barbara Parker for all the work they did on the One Room School House curriculum.
Under new business, Hacker presented MRTA information.  Brochures are available for professional liability insurance if subbing or coaching. Branson fun day is November 18; need to register by October 19 and cost is $145.  MRTA is for the full funding of education formula. MRTA annual meeting is September 16th and 17th.
Members will clean the One Room School House on April 16 at 1 p.m. Please bring cleaning supplies.
Nominations for Distinguished Retiree were made. Hacker was voted distinguished retiree.
The next meeting will be June 3 at the Audrain County Historical Museum.
Motion to adjourn meeting was made by Parker and Lois Runnels seconded, and the motion carried.
Schnake led members in prayer before a delicious lunch that was prepared and served by the social committee.