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Audrain County R-VI FFA honors members at banquet

Posted on Wednesday, May 21, 2014 at 2:48 pm

DekalbThe Audrain County R-VI FFA honored its members during their Annual Member/Parent Banquet held on Wednesday, May 14.
Top Shot-Trevor Hoyt, Zane Meador
Most Improved Shooter-Collin Dugan
Trap Shooting Sportsmanship Award- Gatlin Curtis
Trap Team-Mason Sims, Kaleb Harris, Trever Hoyt, Treyton Kobush, Brandon Arens, Kyle Curtis, Bryan Allen, Zane Meador, Gatlin Curtis, Travis Swaim, Collin Dungan, Gavin Spoor, Karissa Graves, Courtney Bertels, Mikyla Wagner, Danielle Brooks, Althea Day, and Danie Jackson
Area V Star Agriculture Placement- Nick Gastler
Chapter Scholarship
Greenhand – Adam Hombs
10th – Karissa Graves
11th – Bryan Allen
12th – Julie Hale
Chapter Leadership
Greenhand – Avery Carline
10th – Lexa Cope
11th – Bryan Allen
12th –  Kaleb Harris
Outstanding Member
Greenhand – Travis Swaim
10th – Courtney Bertels
11th – Trevor Hoyt
12th – Kaleb Harris
Blue Gold Award
Greenhand – Kylee Windmann
10th – Jamie Householder
11th – Treyton Kobush
12th – Mason Sims
Chapter FFA Degree
Travin Acton, Courtney Bertels, Danielle Brooks, Gatlin Curtis, Mikyla Wagner, Lexa Cope, Collin Dungan, Anthony Fairchild, Gage Graves, Karissa Graves, Rebecca Hagan, Kaleb Harris, Jamie Householder, Samm Jett, Zane Meador, Sam Polacek, Stephanie Smith, Gavin Spoor, Ashley Steele, and Cordell Wieberg
Area Star in Agricultural Placement- Nick Gastler
Star Greenhand- Travis Swaim
Greenhand FFA Degree Recipients- Avery Carline, Dayton Cates, Althea Day, Jesse Foreman, Amber Harrison, Johnny Hicks, Triston Hoeflicker, Adam Hombs, Danie Jackson, Ryan Maxwell, Katie Miles, Travis Swaim, and Kylee Windmann
Chapter Star Farmer- Treyton Kobush
Chapter Star in Ag Placement- Kaleb Harris
Chapter Star Agribusiness- Jamie Householder
DeKalb Agricultural Accomplishment- Lindsey Gastler
Senior Awards (4 year
members &/or Senior
Katie Carline, Lindsey Gastler, Nick Gastler, Clint Graves, Julie Hale, Kaleb Harris, Leah Mays, Mason Sims
FFA Booster Scholarship Awards
Kaleb Harris, Lindsey Gastler, Julie Hale
Area FFA Degree
Katie Carline, Lindsey Gastler, Nick Gastler, Julie Hale, Mason Sims
State FFA Degree
Lindsey Gastler, Nick Gastler, Julie Hale, Mason Sims
American FFA Degree
Justin Gastler, Caroline Schafer
Honorary FFA Degree
Warren and Connie Hale, Carylle Ann Folta, William Kessler

2014-2015 Officers
Sentinel:  Gavin Spoor
Reporter:  Travis Swaim
Treasurer:  Jamie Householder
Secretary:  Karissa Graves
Program of Activities Vice President:  Bryan Allen
President:  Courtney Bertels
Area and State Proficiency Awards
Nick Gastler-Diversified Crop (1st-State); Diversified Ag (2nd-Area)
Treyton Kobush- Ag Mechanics (1st Area and 2nd Area)
Mason Sims- Ag Processing (1st Area)
Juile Hale- Div. Horticulture (2nd Area); Ag Services (2nd Area)
Kaleb Harris-Grain Production (2nd Area)
Trever Hoyt-Forest Management (2nd Area)
Katie Carline-Small Animal Prod (4th Area)
FFA Leadership Development-Kaleb Harris (Job Interview- 5th Area; Completed Placement Record Book- 3rd Area)
Agronomy Team- Kaleb Harris, Jamie Householder, Gavin Spoor, and Karissa Graves (5th District, 11th State)
Meats Evaluation-Julie Hale, Lindsey Gastler, Courtney Bertels, and Mason Sims (District Champion, State Champion)
Fall Public Speaking
Missouri Pork Producers-Courtney Bertels (2nd Area)
Missouri Cattle Industry-Lindsey Gastler (2nd Area)
Missouri Pet Breeders Association-Julie Hale (2nd Area)
Missouri Young Farmers-Rebecca Hagan (3rd Area)
Missouri Sheep Producers- Karissa Graves (3rd Area)
Rituals Team-Courtney Bertels, Lindsey Gastler, Samm Jett, Kaleb Harris, Karissa Graves, Gavin Spoor, and Trever Hoyt (5th Area)