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Audrain County R-VI FFA holds annual banquet to honor students

Posted on Wednesday, May 13, 2015 at 12:40 pm

DSC_0995cSeveral Audrain County R-VI FFA students were honored for their contributions during this past school year at the annual banquet held last Wednesday.
The list of awards given in the banquet include:
Agricultural Education-1st Gavin Spoor
Agricultural Mechanics Design and Fabrication-1st Place Treyton Kobush
Agricultural Mechanics Repair & Maintenance-1st Place Gavin Spoor
Agricultural Sales Entrepreneurship-2nd Tayler Cope; 1st Gavin Spoor
Agricultural Sales Placement-2nd Danielle Brooks; 1st Place Karissa Graves
Agricultural Services-2nd Place Adam Hombs; 1st Place Courtney Bertels
Beef Production-Entrepreneurship-2nd Place Anthony Fairchild; 2nd Place Gage Graves; 1st Place Mikyla Wagner
Beef Production Placement-2nd Place Carter Blair; 1st Place Travis Swaim
Dairy Production-1st Trever Hoyt
Diversified Agricultural Production-2nd Gavin Spoor; 1st Treyton Kobush
Diversified Crop Production Entrepreneurship-2nd Collin Dungan; 1st Gatlin Curtis
Diversified Crop Production Placement-2nd Matt Gastler; 1st Treyton Kobush
Diversified Horticulture-1st Bryan Allen
Equine Science-Entrepreneurship-2nd Morgan Duenke; 1st Katie Miles
Food Service-2nd Thea Day; 1st Karissa Graves
Forage Production-2nd Adam Hombs; 1st Avery Carline
Forest Management-2nd Zane Meador; 1st Trever Hoyt
Goat Production-2nd Jewel Kessler; 1st Avery Carline
Grain Production-Entrepreneurship-2nd Gatlin Curtis; 1st Collin Dungan
Grain Production–Placement-2nd Adam Hombs; 1st Treyton Kobush
Home & Community Development-2nd Carter Blair; 1st Triston Hoeflicker
Landscape Management-2nd Doug Davenport; 1st Jamie Householder
Nursery Operations-2nd Johnny Hicks; 1st Jamie Householder
Oil & Fiber Crop Production-2nd Matt Gastler; 1st Collin Dungan; 1st Gatlin Curtis
Poultry Production-2nd Kade Lybarger; 2nd Jesse Foreman; 1st Nick Hoyt
Small Animal Production-2nd Morgan Duenke; 2nd Kathlyn Dawson; 1st Danie Jackson
Specialty Crop Production-2nd Morgan Allen; 1st Bryan Allen
Swine Production—Entrepreneurship-2nd Sirrina Dunn; 1st Tayler Cope
Swine Production-Placement-2nd Nick Welch; 2nd Travis Swaim; 1st Trever Hoyt
Turf Grass Management-2nd Adam Hombs; 1st Jamie Householder
Vegetable Production-2nd Morgan Allen; 1st Karissa Graves
Wildlife Production & Management-1st Avery Carline

Trap Top Shot Award-Gatlin Curtis, Zane Meador, and Danielle Brooks
Trap Most Improved Shooter -Travis Swaim and Karissa Graves
Trap Shooting Sportsmanship Award-Treyton Kobush and Courtney Bertels
Chapter FFA Scholarship
Greenhand-Jewel Kessler
10th–Adam Hombs
11th-Danielle Brooks
12th-Bryan Allen
Chapter FFA Leadership
Greenhand–Morgan Allen and Sirrina Dunn
10th–Travis Swaim
11th–Mikyla Wagner
12th–Trever Hoyt
Chapter FFA Service
Greenhand–Morgan Duenke
10th–Kylee Windmann
11th–Jamie Householder
12th–Trever Hoyt
Outstanding Member
Greenhand-Tayler Cope
10th-Travis Swaim
11th-Karissa Graves
12th–Bryan Allen
Blue Gold Award
Greenhand-Kathlyn Dawson
10th-Avery Carline
11th-Anthony Fairchild
12th-Treyton Kobush
Area Star in Agricultural Placement-Treyton Kobush
Area Star in Agribusiness-Bryan Allen
Star Greenhand-Tayler Cope
Chapter Star Farmer-Collin Dungan
Chapter Star in Ag Placement -Courtney Bertels
Chapter Star Agribusiness -Gavin Spoor
DeKalb Agricultural Accomplishment-Treyton Kobush
Senior Awards (four year members &/or Senior Officers)-Bryan Allen, Doug Davenport, Nick Hoyt, Trever Hoyt, and Treyton Kobush
FFA Alumni Scholarship Awards-Bryan Allen
Area FFA Degree-Bryan Allen, Courtney Bertels, Kaleb Harris, Trever Hoyt, Treyton Kobush, and Nick Hoyt
State FFA Degree-Bryan Allen, Courtney Bertels, Kaleb Harris, Trever Hoyt, and Treyton Kobush
Honorary FFA Degree-Kristopher Rankin and Tammy Stuckenschneider
2015-2016 Officers
Chaplain: Sirrina Dunn
Historian: Gavin Spoor
Sentinel:  Avery Carline
Reporter:  Morgan Allen
Treasurer:  Travis Swaim
Secretary:  Mikyla Wagner
Vice President: Courtney Bertels
President:  Karissa Graves