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Audrain completes distribution of $3 million in CARES funds

Posted on Wednesday, January 6, 2021 at 11:36 am

–Vandalia Leader Exclusive–

Audrain County will not need extension for CARES Funds Disbursement

The Audrain County Commission is pleased to announce that all CARES funds which the County received have been successfully distributed throughout the county. In May, 2020, Audrain County received $2,978,519 in CARES funding to help mitigate the impacts of COVID19.

For counties which have been unable to complete their distribution of CARES funding, the State of Missouri has made provisions for the possibility of an extension. Since Audrain County has finished the process, no such extension will be required.

Presiding Commissioner Steve Hobbs commented, “Quickly after this funding arrived at the County, we met with various stakeholder organizations to determine priorities for the use of the money. Providing aid for the local economy was a top priority, as was protecting Audrain County residents from COVID19.”

Hobbs stated that the county was able to stick to these priorities and to address the issues as well as possible.

“We provided assistance in phases and by application which we made very easy,” Associate Commissioner Tracy R. Graham said. “We appreciate the help of the Mexico Area and Vandalia Chambers of Commerce in reaching out to businesses in the County to inform them about the available assistance.”

In total, the county received 257 applications from businesses, nonprofits and government service providers.

“I am happy to say that we were able to fund almost all of them,” Graham added. “It took a lot of work from a lot of people and the process worked meeting the criteria and requirements defined by the Federal and State Treasury Departments. We are able to provide a considerable amount of needed assistance.”

The county says that CARES funds were used for: reimbursements to entities for items which directly protected residents; to help the economy by providing assistance to businesses; purchased of items designed to mitigate current and future risk(s); assistance to non-profit entities damaged due to COVID19; and, reimbursements for costs of emergency, health and public safety personnel. A breakdown of those costs is illustrated in the pie chart included here.

“I am very proud of the work that the Commission, and other County Officials, did in distributing these funds throughout Audrain County,” Associate Commissioner Alan Winders remarked. “It was a very arduous task. Fortunately, we had a great team working on it and the success of the program is a testament to that fact. From COVID mitigation to assisting nonprofits and private businesses, these expenditures will have a long term positive effect for our residents.”