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Noble shares ‘expensive, effective, nontoxic, organic’ disinfectant with community for free

Posted on Thursday, June 10, 2021 at 1:49 pm

Don Peterson, executive chairman of the Noble Health Corporation, demonstrates the nontoxicity of the disinfectant. PHOTO BY BARRY DALTON, The Vandalia Leader

Audrain Community Hospital is the second hospital in the Midwest to install a Hospital Grade disinfectant system that produces an alcohol-free solution 100x more effective than Bleach.

The disinfectant is FDA approved for use as an antimicrobial and registered with the EPA. It is made with organic ingredients, contains no harmful chemicals, is non-irritating to humans, animals, plants and surfaces, and kills 99.9999% of all pathogens, including the most resistant microbes like staphylococcus, C. diff, MRSA, listeria, legionella, influenza (Flu) virus, the SARS CoV-2 virus (Covid-19), as well as all airborne allergens, including mold and spores.

The Audrain Community Hospital Foundation purchased this system to allow hospital staff members access to produce the disinfectant on-site for use at Audrain Community Hospital; Clinics will share it with the Audrain community and surrounding communities. Thanks to the Audrain Community Hospital Foundation, it will be distributed at no cost to the Audrain community and surrounding communities starting next Thursday, June 17.

Photo by Barry Dalton, The Vandalia Leader

“We are extremely thankful to the Audrain County Commissioners for helping us to secure the funds to purchase the new disinfectant solution producing machine (through Phase Three Mitigation of Audrain County CARES funding),” said Darla Taylor, Foundation development manager of Audrain Community Hospital Foundation. “Thanks to their commitment to our organization, we will be able to provide an effective cleaning solution to our entire county at no cost to the recipients.”

Last year, Noble Health Corporation purchased the same system for the Callaway Community Hospital and shared it with all who live in the Callaway community and surrounding communities.

Callaway Community Hospital also shared this disinfecting solution in larger quantities with first responders, local businesses, and all schools in the Callaway Community, and Audrain Community Hospital Foundation plans to do the same in the Audrain Community.

Anyone living in the Audrain County area or surrounding areas may come to Audrain Community Hospital on Thursdays starting on June 17, between 1 to 2 p.m.

Photo by Barry Dalton

The first time people come to pick up the disinfecting solution, a jug filled with the solution will be issued, the second
time and after that, people will need to bring their empty jugs back with them to the hospital and hand them to the staff who will sanitize between uses and refill.

When picking up the disinfecting solution, please turn off Love street and stop the car directly in front of the loading dock staying parked on the road. The staff will bring out jugs of the disinfecting solution to each vehicle.

The disinfectant will be available for pick-up every Thursday from 1 to 2 p.m. only, starting on Thursday, June 17.

If any local businesses would like to get additional supplies, please email or

WARNING: This photo was for demonstration purposes only to demonstrate the nontoxicity of the disinfectant. Do not do this at home. Use of this product for purposes other than intended is not approved by the EPA nor encouraged by Noble or Lakeway Publishing. Photo by Barry Dalton

Noble Health Corporation’s mission is to provide high-quality medical care that addresses the needs of the communities they serve. Their goal is to help the communities and their residents with comprehensive medical services delivered at reasonable prices and with the highest integrity. In March 2021, Noble Health officially purchased and currently manages Audrain Community Hospital (formerly SSM St. Mary’s Hospital—Audrain).