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Area residents attend Van-Far finance meeting

Posted on Wednesday, March 8, 2017 at 11:58 am

Van-Far Superintendent Dr. Stephen Hunter talks to the more than 10 area residents who attended a finance update meeting held at the Farber Library.

The Van-Far R-I School District hosted Finance Update Community Meetings this week at both the Farber Library on Monday, March 6 and the Van-Far Jr./Sr. High School Library on Tuesday, March 7. Before press time, Van-Far Superintendent Dr. Stephen Hunter on Monday evening talked with more than 10 patrons about the finances of the district.
He took them through a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation to teach them on how the district receives its funding while noting where some of the problem areas are currently.
Some items discussed were the operating fund, special revenue fund, debt service fund, capital projects fund, sources of revenue (local, state, and federal),WADA (Weighted Average Daily Attendance), Foundation Formula, Proposition C, and more. Van-Far Superintendent Dr. Hunter then went over with the group four areas the district could address to help it reach its goal of 23% in reserves while counteracting simultaneously decreasing revenue due to enrollment along with decreasing state and federal funding.
Those areas include health insurance, staffing reduction (as the district has already non-replaced five certified staff and one non-certified staff to save money during the last four years), four-day school week, and increasing revenues through a possible local tax increase.
He also went over a pros and cons list on each of the big four items as discussed by a special committee meeting held on February 9.
Those in attendance also went through and discussed each of the main four areas focusing on some of their strengths and weaknesses.