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Area bowlers shine at NEMO Districts in Hannibal

Posted on Wednesday, January 24, 2018 at 11:45 am

Front row, from left: Giana Grimes-Walsh, Robbie Ford, Remington Null, Ryan Null, Jesse Kaufman, Reagan Wright-McAfee, and Maddie Shelton. Second row: Dylan Stowers, Fulton Walsh, Joe McCormick, Alex Wilson, Brian Couch, and Kaden Whiteaker. Back row: Ian Boston, Justin Stowers, Hunter Scrogin, and Seth Morris. Not pictured: Chase Wright-McAfee, Blade Murray, and Abby Shelton.

The youth bowlers of Spare Time Bowl and Grill participated in the NEMO District bowling tournament that took place over the course of three weekends at Ten Pin Alleys in Hannibal, Mo. In April, they will be participating in the state tournament in Joplin.
The local bowlers are thankful for their sponsors. They include Feldman’s All-Star Printing, Frank Wallace-Shelter Insurance, and Null’s Tree Service. A special thanks went to photographer Kaylein Wilson.

Information on each bowler and squads:

Feldman’s All Stars placed first in Class 1. The squad includes Justin Stowers, Ian Boston, Hunter Scrogin, and Seth Morris.

Null’s Tree Service placed second in Class 3. The group includes Kaden Whiteaker, Brian Couch, Remington Null, and Jesse Kaufman.

Shelter Insurance placed second in Class 4 with bowlers Alex Wilson, Reagan Wright-McAfee, Chase Wright Mc-Afee, and Ryan Null.

Hunter Scrogin and Seth Morris placed 10th in Class 1 Doubles. Hunter also placed first in Class 2 Singles, A/E Hdcp, A/E Scratch. Seth placed sixth in Class 1 singles and A/E Hdcp, A/E Scratch.

Justin Stowers and Ian Boston placed third in Class 2 Doubles. Justin placed ninth in Class 2 Singles, eighth in A/E hdcp, and 10th A/E scratch. Ian placed seventh in Class 3 Singles, seconnd A/E Hdcp, and third A/E Scratch.

Alex Wilson and Ryan Null placed first in Class 3 Doubles for the second year in a row. Alex placed 10th in Class 5 Singles, 14th A/E Hdcp, and third A/E Scratch. Ryan placed fourth in Class 3 Singles, eighth A/E Hncp, and first A/E Hdcp.

Reagan and Chase Wright-McAfee placed fourth in Class 4 Doubles. Reagan placed second in Class 5 Singles, third A/E Hdcp, and 12th A/E Scratch. Chase placed 23rd Class 5 Singles, 18th A/E Hdcp, and 13th A/E Scratch.

Brian Couch and Remington Null placed fifth in Class 4 Doubles. Brian placed eighth in Class 4 Singles and seventh A/E Hdcp. Remington placed 25th in Class 5 Singles, 15th A/E Hdcp, and fifth A/E Scratch.

Jesse Kaufman and Kaden Whiteaker placed sixth in Class 4 Doubles. Jesse placed 11th in Class 5 Singles, ninth A/E Hdcp, and seventh A/E Scratch. Kaden placed ninth in Class 5 Singles, fifth A/E Hdcp, and fourth A/E Scratch.

Dylan Stowers and Blade Murray (not pictured) placed 10th in Class 4 Doubles. Dylan placed first in Class 4 Singles. Blade placed fifth in Class 5 Singles.