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Another year has come and gone, a new one to begin

Posted on Wednesday, December 31, 2014 at 1:56 pm

General Manager/Editor Ron Schott

General Manager/Editor Ron Schott

It’s hard to believe that yet another year has come to an end.
The completion of a year gives many of us a chance to reflect on how our lives were changed these past 12 months while giving us some excitement on what might take place during this upcoming year.
During this past year, many of us lost loved ones while many of us were blessed with the presence of newborns in 2014, whether as grandchildren or a child of your own.
For our family, we were blessed with watching a baby born at 28 weeks begin to flourish this past year. Then in April, we were blessed with another addition when our adoption was finalized for our 14-year-old.
We’ve added two children to our family in 10 months and have went from a family of four to six in no time. As an only child, I’m still in awe of how God has blessed me with an amazing wife, now three boys, and a little girl who will not be courting until she’s 30.
While we have these joys, the holidays also give us time to reflect on those no longer with us.
My grandmother, Annetta Warner, went home to be with the Lord this past Fall.
She was an amazing woman and her laughter always lit up the room.
My Aunt Shelley Warner helped Annetta’s children and grandchildren to not forgot her at Christmas time when she presented us with a quilt she made using clothing that my “granny” once wore.
My favorite part is the imprinted tag from her Baltimore Orioles T-Shirt she wore to the last game she attended.
Even as I type this, my eyes are filling up with tears.
This kind of gift will help her memory live on for a long time in our home, and for that, I’m forever grateful.
It’s hard losing someone you love that you are so close to. Though sad emotions might be a tough thing to deal with, it just makes the holidays more special when we recall the many precious memories of our now deceased loved ones.
So what’s ahead for you in 2015? I know when I first started working with the newspaper, I told readers that I had set a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight.
Well, I wasn’t too successful and totally ditched the plan.
In 2015, it will be different. I have set a personal goal of losing 100 lbs.
This will be hard to do for me since I almost never sleep, and because of that, I stuff myself with a lot of sugar free sodas, coffee, and snacks to keep going.
I also sit for way too many hours at a time and the lack of exercise just leads to me keeping on the pounds.
Please pray for me as I go on this journey. You remember that big family I said I now have? Well, I have to take care of them and would like to be a little healthier to do so.
I’m looking forward to making this happen. I’m also hoping to be more disciplined in my reading of the Bible this year. Another good goal I’ve set for myself.
Be sure to take advantage of this season of renewal to set your own personal goals. Who knows where they’ll take you?