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Angel Wings Clothing Closet asks for temporary stoppage of donations

Posted on Wednesday, June 28, 2017 at 11:01 am

Angel Wings Clothing Closet CEO and Founder Jody Dishman says while the outpouring for her non-profit agency from the public continues to be strong, the agency needs to take a break from accepting donations while moving into its’ new home.
“In the past couple of years, I cannot say enough about the support Angel Wings has seen from the public,” Dishman said. “It’s been completely amazing and emotionally overwhelming at times! But, due to space constraints, and our new home not being ready at this time, we have to ask the general public to please look for other alternatives of where to donate their clothing.”
Dishman said this decision came about because of space concerns only and has nothing to do with those wishing to donate to the organization.
“We had to move out of our recent home by July 1 due to the building being sold,” she said. “Our new home, the former Casey’s General Store building on the corner of Western and Hendricks in Mexico, is not quite ready to move into. We hope to have that completed by mid-summer. Currently, thanks to the county commission being so wonderful in offering us some storage space, we have everything out of the old building. But, during our move, we don’t want to overload the space by accepting more donations than can be safely stored at that location, so that is why we are asking for the donations to stop at this time.”
Dishman said the support of the community is essential to Angel Wings and they are looking forward to getting into their new home so that vital relationship can continue as it has over the past four years.
“We hope to be in our new space within the month and then start transferring our inventory over to the new location,” she said.
“We don’t want to lose the support of the community, because, without their support, Angel Wings would remain a dream, but we don’t want to continue to grow our inventory while we don’t have the space for it.”
Dishman said the main mission of Angel Wings continues to function even though the entity does not have a permanent home at this time.
“We are continuing to clothe the kids coming through the foster care system in the state of Missouri,” she says. “Even if I have to do this out of my garage, like I did when I started this dream, I’m committed to continuing the mission of Angel Wings even during this time of growth for our agency.”
Dishman said this break from donations is not a permanent one at all.
“Oh, gosh, no!” she said. “Angel Wings only exists due to those generous donations from the public and, once this move is complete and we get our feet under us once again on solid ground, we will start accepting donations again from the general public.” Dishman estimated that should be about mid-September.