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AMC Trustees meet

Posted on Wednesday, May 28, 2014 at 1:51 pm

The Audrain Medical Center Board of Trustees met Thursday, May 22 with Bill Dubbert, chairman; Sterling Oliver, vice-chairman; Gene Thomas, D.O., treasurer, and Peter Perll, M.D., member in attendance. Staff attending were David Neuendorf, president and CEO; Kari Wilson, vice-president of Clinical Services, COO, CNO; and Renae Rowe, executive assistant. Member absent was Jo Ellen Craghead, secretary.
Bill Dubbert reported that he, Dave Neuendorf, and David Schulte toured several locations. The group went to the CT room and discussed the new unit that will soon be installed. The new unit will be air cooled rather than water cooled. The unit will also have a lift on it.
The group toured the old public health building. Ceiling tile is being removed and additional sheet rock is being put up on the first level.
The entrance to the basement will also change. Changes will be made to the retaining wall so that water drains from the building to the street.
A few of the windows on the north side will be done away with. The building will be used for a physician’s office and some administrative offices.
Physician offices on the first floor in Stribling House are being spruced up.
The new water heater in Stribling House along with a water softener has now been installed and is operational.
President’s Report
Neuendorf provided the following update:
• Roof work has been completed on the 1931 building.
• The Stribling parking lot has been resurfaced and striped.
• Recruitment efforts continue. Dr. John Koonce, an urologist, started at AMC last week. Dr. Reese Thompson, a new ENT physician, will begin on July 7. Dr. John Lucio, a pain management physician, is off to a good start. A letter of intent was sent this week to a prospective family practice physician.
• Dr. Patricia Burke’s last day is today.
• The AMC Foundation Golf Tournament is scheduled for Friday, June 6.
There was no old business to report.
There was no new business to report.
Financial Report
Neuendorf reviewed the April
Audrain County Hospital financials.
In the AMC First Quarter 2014 Financial Report Neuendorf reported that patient care volume is lower across the region. Expense control is good.
Dubbert reminded the Board that the next Board meeting is scheduled for Thursday, June 19.