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AMC holds monthly meeting

Posted on Wednesday, August 13, 2014 at 5:27 am

The Audrain Medical Center Board of Trustees met Thursday, July 24 with Bill Dubbert, Chairman; Sterling Oliver, vice-chairman; Jo Ellen Craghead, Secretary, and Peter Perll, M.D. member in attendance. Staff attending were David Neuendorf, President; Kari Wilson, Vice President Clinical Services/COO/CNO, and Renae Rowe, Executive Asistant.
Jo Ellen Craghead presented the July trustee inspection report. She reported that she and Dave Neuendorf toured the old public health building at 605 East Promenade. Work is being done on the building to resolve some water problems. The basement windows on the north side will be removed. Dirt will also be hauled in to get water away from the building. About two-thirds of the upstairs building will be occupied by Dr. Clark Andelin. There will be two private reception areas for his patients. The remaining one third section on the east end of the building will become a home health area.
Craghead reported they also toured the ASU treatment room. The treatment room has been enlarged allowing more procedures.
President’s Report
Neuendorf reported that SSM is in the process of uniting its organizations under one common name and a unifying brand throughout the system. AMC will be the first organization to be renamed.
Discussion Items
Dr. Reese Thompson, new ENT physician, started on July 21.
The linear accelerator used for radiation therapy in the cancer center is down. AMC is replacing it which will take about four months. The new machine will have the capability of doing more modalities. During this time patients will be directed to St. Mary’s Cancer Center in Jefferson City.
AMC continues to see higher patient satisfaction scores.
Bill Thompson, President of SSM, was at AMC on July 15. He talked with employees about the future of health care.
Old Business
Kari Wilson provided an update on Dr. Gene Thomas’ inquiry at the June meeting about the purchase of new pulmonary function equipment. Wilson reported that new pulmonary function equipment is on AMC’s capital list to replace in 2015.
New Business
Neuendorf reviewed the revised County Hospital Budget for 2014.
Neuendorf reported that the revised budget approved by the Board of Directors includes the transfer of $80,000 from the tax account for the maintenance of the hospital as noted in the revised budget.
Neuendorf presented the 2015 county Hospital Budget. The lease requires the Corporation to submit to the Trustees a budget by August 1 each year identifying proposed expenditures for maintenance of the facility for the ensuing year.
Neuendorf discussed the Notice of 2014 Aggregate Assessed Valuation for Political Subdivisions information submitted to us by the Audrain County Clerk. It was compared to the 2013 assessed valuation.
Financial Report
Neuendorf reviewed the June hospital county financials. The Rothwell Fund has hardly changed since last year. Action will be taken on a CD that comes due August 27 at the August 28 meeting. A 10-day grace period is allowed in order to place the CD.
Dr. Perll inquired as to whether there are restrictions on the duration of county hospital investments.
Administration will research this question and respond back to the Board at the August meeting.
Dubbert announced that the Auxiliary Dinner Auction is scheduled for September 13.