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AMC discusses location of new chapel

Posted on Wednesday, April 10, 2013 at 6:57 am

The Audrain Medical Center Board of Trustees discussed construction of a larger chapel when they met on Thursday, March 28 in the hospital’s Administrative Conference Room.
During a trustee inspection, Dr. Gene Thomas reported that he and Dave Neuendorf toured three different areas to determine the best area for a Catholic Chapel in AMC as the current chapel is not large enough.
Among areas toured were the old Human Resources area, the area where admissions are now, and the physicians’ lounge on the main floor. It was discussed that the physicians’ lounge is seldomly used now by physicians. This location was noted as best choice and there is room also available for a rectory.
SSM staff has noted they are in favor of the area as well.
Neuendorf stated that it is important to create a place of worship and comfort for patients, their families, staff, and the community.
The old chapel will become a non-denominational meditation room. Mass will be held regularly at the hospital.
Official minutes also noted that closed circuit television will also be available for patients who can’t get out of their rooms to come down to the chapel. Another area of AMC will soon be made available for a new physicians’ lounge.
President’s Report
Neuendorf reported that the medical staff approved the amended medical staff bylaws and other appropriate documents at their March 12, 2013 meeting.
A reception was set for April 3 to celebrate the completion of the affiliation process.
Employee forums were held on March 18.
An SSM representative was present and share the SSM’s mission and values while answering questions.
It was noted that the cancer center will be surveyed by the American College of Surgeon’s Commission on April 22, 2013.
AMC is striving for a fourth consecutive Outstanding Achievement Award for Excellence in Cancer Services.
The annual service award recognition was set for May 13, 2013 and Neuendorf invited trustees to attend as 13 employees will be receiving awards for 30 or more years of service.
A rally will be held at the Capitol at 2 p.m. on April 16 to encourage legislature to expand the Medicaid program that is part of the health care reform.
A financial report was also provided.
Old Business
Kari Wilson told trustees that the hospital had a steam pipe break in the main hallway. She said repairs along with touch up on the flooring were completed.
AMC Auxillary this year will update the Healthworks and Physical Therapy areas. The Cardiac Rehab area is being updated as well.
It was noted that AMC and SSM will meet to talk about capital expenditures and how things will go forward with SSM.
An update was provided on the Brownfield Application Grant for the old nursing dormitory area. The phase two report does not put the hospital in line to apply for the grant because there are not a lot of grants available at this time. An inquiry was made if the SSM affiliation changed any of that.
Wilson noted that the facility management staff has been looking at that building. They have also done assessment of the facility to look at boilers, chillers, structure, and any potential asbestos issues.
New Business
Sterling Oliver said as part of the lease agreement, that AMC must comply with all covenants of the lease for the Officer’s Certificate of Compliance. The annual certification of compliance letter requested by the lease between the Audrain County Hospital Board of Trustees and the Board of Directors was shared with the Board of Trustees.
Dana Keller was recognized for filling a vacant board of trustee position and received a plaque to thank her for her services. Keller expressed her appreciation for having the opportunity to serve on the board over the last few months. She also stated she was thankful for having the opportunity to learn more about AMC.
She thanked Neuendorf for talking to the Senior Ambassadors of the Chamber in a recent meeting. She said the group felt motivated and excited about AMC’s partnership.
An inquiry was reportedly made if the board needed to meet again after election Tuesday. A special meeting of the Board of Trustees will be scheduled within 10 days following the election to reorganize. Trustees will be contacted near the time of the election to schedule a date.
The Board of Trustees minutes for March 19, 2013 were reviewed and approved.