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Aldermen, staff set goals at City of Vandalia meeting

Posted on Wednesday, November 19, 2014 at 12:25 pm

DSC_0055Following their main Board of Aldermen meeting last Tuesday, the City of Vandalia’s aldermen and staff held a Goal Setting Session.
Goals set by the BOA include:
• Support Library/YMCA Project
• Economic Development-jobs
• Drug Enforcement
• Review Reservoir maintenance policy
• Officer training
• Fireman notification system
• Comply with Water treatment regulations
• Review electric rate structure
• Street improvements (smoother)
• Study Housing—property maintenance codes
• City Hall remodel- finish
• Storm drainage
• Electric conversion
Department heads presented their reports before being allowed to leave the meeting.
Finance – Sharon Myers
• Continue to receive good audits
• Complete transition to new software
• Implementation of utility customer website and electronic payment options
Clerk – Karen Shaw
• Continue with demolition and abatements
• Continue with City Hall remodel
• Continue to evaluate utility write-offs and col-lections
• Improve recording system in Council Chambers
Administrative Assistant – Debbie Hopke
• Develop/maintain City website
• Maintain/improve Aquatic Center-Tri-County Park
• Continue to improve collection process
• Learn new software (utility billing)
Police Department – Chief Tony Laird
• Continue to improve relations with the public
• Increase public awareness
• Continue with abatement program
• Continue and improve C.A.T. program
• Research body cams
Treatment-Darren Berry
• Repair/replace roof and paint the MGT
• Complete water plant remodel
• Work with DNR to develop a new “manageable” wastewater permit”
• Keep irrigation at the Lagoon
• Continue working with Dr. Inniss and his “Star” team
• Work with Utility Department to reduce I & I
• Stay in compliance with current and ever-changing DNR regulations
• Start planning to have the elevated water tower painted
• Continue emphasis on safety
Streets/Parks –
Dave Hamby
• Resolve brush/limb procedure
• Upgrade park restrooms
• Install cameras in all parks
• Improve City storm drainage
• Improve traffic control in work zones and during City events
Utility – Aaron
• Electric Conversion (continue trees)
•Water line replacement (OSP)
•Inflow/infiltration reduction
• Evaluate Railroad Park upgrade (electric & lighting)
• Determine Power Plant engine and building disposition