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Agape House meets

Posted on Wednesday, March 29, 2017 at 12:55 pm

The Agape House of Vandalia  Board of Directors met Tuesday, March 21 with the annual election of officers.
The current slate of officers was re-elected as follows: President Sterling Holbrook; Vice- President Floy Oliver; Secretary Janet Heim; Treasurer Veanna Snodgrass; and Co-treasurer Carlene Galloway.
In other business, the board approved a pay increase for summer lawn care and made plans to have the front flowerbed pruned and treated for weeds. Additionally, the building exterior will be power washed when weather permits. Discussion on insurance coverage on the property was raised. The monthly increases in water usage continue to be investigated.
The house manager reported 35 persons stayed at the guesthouse in February. That number includes five children. One guest commented she was grateful for the inexpensive accommodations as her income has been limited due to her retirement.
Members present were Carlene Galloway, Janet Heim, Karen Holbrook, Sterling Holbrook, Elwood LaRue, Floy Oliver, and Veanna Snodgrass.
Monetary gifts received in February include the following: Edgewood Baptist Church, of Bowling Green; Ramsey Creek Baptist Church, of Clarksville; Bethlehem Baptist Church, of Centralia; Curryville Presbyterian Church, Curryville Baptist Church, and Elm Grove Baptist Church, all of Curryville; Farber Baptist Church and Gladys Williams, of Farber; Grand Crossings Baptist Association, of Fulton; Nancy White, of Roeland Park, Kansas; Lockewood Park Baptist Church and Friendship Baptist Church, of Mexico; Joan Brummitt, of Milan; Mary Scheffler of Leander, Texas; Hopewell Baptist Church and John Yost, of Thompson; Southside Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Presbyterian Church, and First Christian Church, all of Vandalia; and Hopewell Baptist Church, of Wellsville. Non-monetary gifts included toiletries from Canton United Methodist Women; snacks, beverages, laundry, and cleaning products from Littleby Baptist Church, of Mexico; service by Four Seasons Upholstery, of Mexico; printer cartridges for recycling by “The Vandalia Leader” and cleaning and personal care items by Elm Grove Baptist Church, of Vandalia. An anonymous donor gave snacks and peanut butter.