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5th Birthday

Posted on Tuesday, March 13, 2012 at 9:56 pm

KayLynne Kristine Laray Wallace

KayLynne Kristine Laray Wallace, the daughter of Kassie Scott of Vandalia, and Labaron Wallace of Springfield, Ill., celebrated her fifth birthday on Saturday, February 25, 2012, at the St. Pats Hall in Vandalia with a Pink Tweety Bird theme.
Those attending or sending gifts were her mom, Kassie Scott, Terry Clark, Andrew Clark, Grandparents Patricia Conway, Grandma Janice Davis, and Libby Clark, Aunt Eureka Scott, Dayton Sanders, Elaina Brogdon, Corbin Roed, Matthew Roed, Olivia Roed, “wa wa” Rhonda, “pa pa” Mike, Alissa, Harlie, Michalla, and Emeri Thaple, Uncle Fred Clark, Makayla Flowers, Marilyn Roed, Sharrod, Anthony and Grandpa Glen Connor, Aunt Beverly Conway, Uncle Gary Bishop, Terrel Bishop, Deion, Kyleigh and Kiara Wayman, Ayden Holt, Shanta Wheeler, Donaza, Travis and Taelyn Ward, Jacob and Tina Grower, Kyla and Kellen Cockrell, Uncle Dempsey, Aunt Gene Ann, Jaselle and Jolene Dixon, Terry, Crystal and Brink Waters, her dad, Labaron Wallace, Grandma Kay Davis, Kim Fisher, Mick and Skylie Salmon, Chris, Chelsey, Jayden and Mikey Clark, Uncle Timothy Scott, Kirsten Scott, Aunt Millissa Allen, Dee Wheeler, Addison Wheeler, and the rest of the family from Springfield, Ill.
KayLynne also celebrated on her actual birthday, February 23 at Bonkers in Columbia with family and friends.
She also celebrated on February 25 when she went to Incredible Pizza in St. Louis with family and friends to finish out her birthday.

KayLynne said she’s thankful for everyone who came to her party of sent a gift. She also said she had a wonderful 5th birthday.