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2015-2016 Bus Routes

Posted on Wednesday, August 12, 2015 at 10:56 am

Parents need to be aware that these routes were formulated using data received as of August 7 and may need to be revised before the school start date.  Finalized routes will be posted on the school webpage by August 15.
These routes may vary a little from last years routes.  Pay particular attention if your students ride buses 1, 3, 4 and 5.  Due to a shortage of drivers and the lack of a substitute, there may be an occasion when bus #8 may run a few minutes early. Those parents need to allow plenty of time before the actual pick-up time.  Start times are tentative for now and may be adjusted as school progresses. Any questions may be directed to the Transportation Director at 573-582-2185.
Bus 1: (Dean Frey)  First pick up at 6:55 at Love/Regot> McCurdy> Yager> Martin> Smith> Barnes> McCurdy (turn around)>  Hopke> Culwell (turn around)> Shaw>Null>  Childs> Wilson> Dameron> Caldwell> Allen> Caldwell> High School.
Bus 3: (Harley Bagley)  First pickup 7:00 at Hopke> Middleton (?)> Cummins> Maggard > Schambach> Cole> Kuda> Nation> Hays> Michael Shaw> Jenson (pm)> Wright> Wright>  Willis> to town route.  Town stops: 500 S. Utterback> Utterback/ Union> 500 S. Elm> Highland/ Home> Home/ Clark> Clark/ Bland> Clark/ Haig> Fourth/ Monroe> Monroe/ Haig> Monroe/ Home> Monroe/ Walsh> Walsh/Lindell> Lindell/ Olive>Elem.
Bus 4: (Ronnie Ball)  First pickup at 6:55 at Selsor>Jones (turn around)> Carman> Cottrell> Smith> Adam> Chad Wallace (am only)> Dana Wallace> McAfee> Ruby>Town Route.  Town stops:  Lindell/ Sixth> Lindell/ Page> Page/ Main> Page/ Monroe> Page/ Clark> Page/ Taylor> Page/ Grant> Page/ Harrison> Harrison/ Hwy 54> to Elem.
Bus 5: (Ashley Graham)  First pickup at 6:50 at Brian Evans> Michael Evans> Barney (turn around)> Chandler> Gibson (turn around)> Green>Kurz>  Butler (turn around)> Fleming> town route.  Town stops:  Daniels/ Jefferson> Daniels/ Walnut> Daniels/ Oak> Ebers> Bauman> 800 N. Galloway> Betty Barber> Stanich> 1312 Hwy P>Elem.
Bus 6: (Spires)  First pickup 6:50 at Walker (?)> Wilburn> Irvin (Utah Road) turnaround> Crow> town route.  Town stops: Page/ Lindell> Page/ Jefferson> Page/ Maple>Page/ Oak> Page/ Vine> Page/ Lincoln> Lumberts> Gaslight Apts>Elem.
Bus 7:  (Tapley) First pickup at 6:50 at Claussen> Tim Lowrance> Stuart Trucking (pm)> Bybee> Flowers> town route.  Town stops: 512 Doyle> 100 W. Hickory> 200 W Arthur> 200 W Hickory> 200 W Linn > 312 w Linn (turn around)>Oak/ Hickory> Pleasant/ Hickory> Shotwell/ Pleasant> Pleasant/Athey (am only)> Athey/ Oak> Athey/Main> Linn’s Daycare> Country.  Country stops: Miller (turn around)> Schambach> Holt> Dorris/Stinnett> School.
Bus 8: (Stroker)  First pickup at 7:20 at Sonlight Daycare> Washington/Forest> Washington/ Adams> Washington/ Harrison> Washington/Grant> Washington/Taylor> Washington/Clark> Clark/ State> 600 E. State> Highland/ Park> Park/ Elm> Elm/ Olive> Union/ Highland>612 E Union> Sharon Rd.> 309 E. Walsh> Clark/ Woodlawn> Clark/ Union> Clark/ Park> Elem.
Bus 9: (Kelly Smith)  First pickup at 7:20 at Walsh/ Walnut> Home/Oak> Lincoln/Bland> Bland/ Cleveland> Cleveland/ Home> Walsh/ Vine> Walsh/ Oak> Maple/ Woodlawn> Woodlawn/Lincoln> Union/Oak> Union/ Maple> Maple/Park> Maple/Washington> Washington/Oak. Washington/ Vine> Washington/Daniels> Washington/ Myrtle> School.
Bus 10: (Fowler)  First pickup at 7:25 at Fourth/Jefferson>  312 W. Bland> Central/ Pershing> Central/Limit> Central/ Clay> Central/ Booker> Limit/ Vine> 1200 S. Maple> 1000S. Maple> Maple/ Home>Home/Jefferson> Walsh/ Jefferson> Jefferson/ Woodlawn> Jefferson/Union> Jefferson/ Olive> Jefferson/ Park> Jefferson/State> Jefferson/ Washington> Washington/Walnut> Walnut/ Hwy 54> Industrial Dr. (pm only, Chad Wallace office)>School.
Bus 11:  (Clithero)   First pickup at 7:20 at 500 N. Main> E. Arlington> 100 W. Arlington> Arlington/ Lindell> Missouri/ Jefferson> Jefferson/ Arlington> Arlington/ Maple> 800 N. Oak> Oak/ Sixth> Sixth/ Maple> Sixth/ Walnut> Walnut/ McPike> 500 N Jefferson> McPike/ Vine> Vine/ St. John> W. St. John> W. McPike> McPike/ Cleveland> School.